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Desks, secretaries

Learn here what you should consider when buying desks and secretaries.

Designer desk - you should keep this in mind when making a purchase

  1. Desk vs. secretary
  2. The optimal size of the work surface
  3. The right height of the table
  4. Which material is suitable?
  5. Additional functions
  6. Conclusion - you have to consider this

1. Desk and secretary - the difference

A secretary offers additional drawers on the tabletop for storing and sorting writing utensils. With classic desks, the storage space is usually under the table.

The difference between desk and secretary

1. Vitra - Eames Desk Unit | 2. Hartô - Secretary Hyppolite

With its compact dimensions and decorative appearance, the secretary is an eye-catcher and can be perfectly integrated in small rooms or in the living room to carry out smaller paperwork.

Practical desks and secretaries

1. Hartô - Gaston Wall Secretary | 2. Artek - Kaari Wall Shelf with Desk | 3. Vitra - Hack Desk | 4. Müller Furniture Workshop - Flatmate Secretary

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Whether dressing table in the dressing room or bedroom, writing desk in the living area or small workstation in the guest room - the secretary is an all-rounder who is stylishly up to every task. - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Capo console table in nature by Karup Design as desk

2. How deep should a desk be?

How deep should a desk be?

The size of the tabletop depends on which work is to be done at the desk and which working materials are to be placed directly on the table. Plan enough space for a desk lamp , the laptop and screen as well as your work documents.

Within easy reach of the designer desk, you can store your work materials on shelves and shelves as well as in small containers .

Desk for two persons

If the workplace is used for several people, the size should be adjusted accordingly. Alternatively, the Vitra Hack desk is suitable for the office as it can be used to create separate workspaces.

Tip: "The classic desk is too small? No problem - rectangular dining tables are also ideal workstations and can be easily extended with mobile pedestals." - Victoria, furnishing expert.

3. How high should a desk be?

The height of the desk depends on your height. The desk should be high enough to allow the arms to sit comfortably at right angles to the tabletop and the thighs and lower legs to be at least 90 degrees.

How high should a desk be?

An average desk has a height of about 72 centimeters . In order to achieve the optimum sitting position, the height of the desk chair is adjusted and, if necessary, a footrest is used.

Height-adjustable desk - for better health

Height-adjustable desk

With a height-adjustable desk , the optimum height can be set with a crank or by the user using an electric motor. Sitting and standing alternately can help to keep the back and muscles fit and prevent neck and back problems.

If a desk is height-adjustable, it is also a good choice if several people in the house want to work on it. The height of the String desk can be infinitely adjusted.

The children's desk

Children's desks should be adapted to the child's height so that the arms are at right angles to the tabletop and the thighs and lower legs are at least 90 degrees. Since children grow quickly, children's desks are often height-adjustable.

For some models, such as the desks of De Breuyn, the work surface can be tilted. A straight worktop is indispensable for writing, but the sloping worktop also makes some situations easier for the children. For example, reading a book with an inclined work surface is much more relaxed and therefore more ergonomic.

4. Desk top - which material is suitable?

Wooden desk

A desk made of wood is the classic: wood looks warm and homely, is durable and hard-wearing. If your design desk is also used for drawing or handicrafts, this can, however, leave traces on the wood. Then the table top can be oiled occasionally.

Coated desk

Alternatively, laminated tabletops come into play: Robust coatings can withstand high stresses, and they are also available in numerous different colours and looks: high-gloss or matt, discreet grey or white for the desk - and these are just a few of the many possibilities.

Glass Desk

A desk with glass top creates a modern and open working atmosphere. It is particularly suitable if you buy the designer desk for representative purposes or only work on it occasionally. Note that the glass reflects light, which can interfere with concentrated work.

5. Desk with drawers, cable management and Co.

Desks come with a variety of additional options to make your work and organization on the desk easier. A desk with drawers (3) offers additional space for office accessories and documents that need to be quickly at hand. Integrated light strips (1) ensure the correct illumination of the working area.

Desk with additional function

With pre-installed sockets and USB ports (4), you can charge your notebook, iPad or smartphone quickly and easily. A desk with cable management (2) is also particularly practical: there are recesses for sockets and cables integrated into the tabletop for a tidy look.

6. Conclusion - you have to consider this when buying a desk

  • If you have little space and would like to integrate a small writing corner into your bedroom or living room, the secretary is a good choice.
  • The size of the work surface depends on the space available and the materials you need on your desk.
  • The height of the desk depends on your height. A height-adjustable table can be used by several people and alternating sitting and standing is also healthier.
  • Wood is the classic for desks, coated desks are more robust. Glass is a convincing choice due to its modern and generous appearance.
  • Integrated features make it easier for you to work at your desk: drawers create additional storage space and sockets and shafts prevent cable clutter.

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