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Design desk lights - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Crucial differences: desk lights vs. table lamps
  2. Desk lamps and their base types
  3. Additional functions and extras
  4. Illuminants, scattering and light color
  5. Conclusion

1. Crucial differences: desk lights vs. table lamps

Desk lamp versus table lamp

While desk lamps offer direct light and can be adjusted very flexibly using joints, classic table lamps mostly illuminate the room indirectly and their settings cannot be changed. This is precisely why the former are particularly well suited for working at the desk. Because how flexible a lamp has to be depends on the job. As a rule of thumb, the more delicate the work, the more flexibly the lamp must be adjustable.

2. Desk lamps and their base types

Desk lamps and their base types

The types of base frames for designer desk lamps, i.e. the foot or the attachment to the table, are very diverse: starting with the normal foot with a fixed stand (2) via table clamps (1) or universal clamps (4), which are not only available on Table, but can also be mounted on a shelf above the desk, for example, up to screwing on the table (3), different types can be distinguished.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors “Good deskis particularly important for schoolchildren. It not only promotes concentration, but is also easy on the eyes. The best way to help prevent childish impetuosity is a clip light that is also space-saving and colorful.” - Viktoria, interior

3. Thanks to additional functions, more than just a designer desk lamp

Desk lamps with additional functions

Many lamps for the desk not only provide light, but also have other practical extras: lamps with a charging function are particularly contemporary, the classic variant being the USB connection, which enables various devices to be charged without an additional socket (1). Even more useful are models with a wireless charging function, with which the mobile phone can be charged particularly easily and at the same time remains visible and within reach (2). A dimmable desk lamp (3), in which the lighting conditions can be adjusted depending on the activity, is also very useful. A very space-saving variant, which is two in one, is a lamp with storage options (4), again particularly useful on a children's desk.

4. Illuminants, scattering and light color

Classic lamps for desk lamps, from which you can generally choose freely and regardless of the possibility of, are LEDs, halogen or incandescent lamps. The illuminant is already permanently installed in a large number of LED desk lamps. These models are particularly practical because LEDs have a lifespan of 15,000 to 50,000 hours, which means that if they burn three hours a day, they can last 14 to 45 years and you do not have to waste time thinking about the right light source.

Since a design desk lamp is primarily there to give direct light, this is also its regular dispersion setting. If the swiveling lamp head is turned towards the wall, they can also create indirect room lighting in the same way.

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In contrast to the living room or bedroom, where neutral and warm white light should create a cozy atmosphere, it is recommended to use cold white light for the desk lighting. This promotes concentration as daylight comes closest and is ideal for the home office or homework at the children's desk. Desk lamps are also practical, as they are not only dimmable, but their light color can be adjusted according to the respective requirement.

5. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying a desk lamp

  • The decisive difference to table lamps is that desk lamps donate direct light without exception and are flexibly adjustable.
  • When looking for a desk lamp, which is a design classic, you can find different base frames: from screwing on the table, to table and universal clamps to normal feet with a fixed stand, everything is included.
  • Many models have useful additional functions: An integrated storage option ensures a modern and practical desk lamp design. Dimmable lamps can be easily adapted to the lighting conditions. In addition, there are now many desk lights with integrated charging function - either via USB connection or completely wireless.
  • When choosing the light intensity, it is important to note the exact nature of the activity. Because the more delicate the work, the more intense the light has to be.
  • For desk lamps, it is advisable to choose cool white light that is most similar to daylight, as it promotes concentration.

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