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From the company founded in 1938, Knoll has evolved into a global manufacturer of office furniture, committed to excellent design.

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Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Side Table Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Side Table from €893.00 *Knoll - Laccio 1 coffee table Knoll - Laccio 1 coffee table from €554.00 *Knoll - Laccio 2 Coffee Table Knoll - Laccio 2 Coffee Table from €928.00 *Knoll - Bertoia Diamond Outdoor Armchair Knoll - Bertoia Diamond Outdoor Armchair €1,178.00 *Knoll - Cushion for Saarinen Tulip Chair -27% Knoll - Cushion for Saarinen Tulip Chair from RRP €387.00 €283.70 *Knoll - Risom Lounge Knoll - Risom Lounge €1,071.00 *Knoll - Barcelona Stool Knoll - Barcelona Stool €3,332.00 *Knoll - Barcelona Lounger Knoll - Barcelona Lounger €6,700.00 *Knoll - Bertoia Diamond Lounger Knoll - Bertoia Diamond Lounger €1,012.00 *Knoll - Cushions for Bertoia Diamond Lounger (Indoor) -27% Knoll - Cushions for Bertoia Diamond Lounger (Indoor) from RRP €333.00 €244.40 *Knoll - Wassily Chair Knoll - Wassily Chair from €2,083.00 *Knoll - Platner side table Knoll - Platner side table €929.00 *Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Chair Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Chair from €1,547.00 *Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Armhair Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Armhair from €1,904.00 *Knoll - 1966 Lounge Chair Knoll - 1966 Lounge Chair €1,273.00 *Knoll - Marc Krusin Lounge Chair Knoll - Marc Krusin Lounge Chair €857.00 *Knoll - Marc Krusin Coffee Table Knoll - Marc Krusin Coffee Table €1,035.00 *Knoll - Marc Krusin Side Table Knoll - Marc Krusin Side Table €833.00 *Knoll - Platner Easy Chair Knoll - Platner Easy Chair €8,235.00 *Knoll - Platner Ottoman Knoll - Platner Ottoman €2,309.00 *Knoll - Spark Lounge Chair Knoll - Spark Lounge Chair €381.00 *Knoll - Straight Chair Knoll - Straight Chair €1,357.00 *Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Stool Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Stool €988.00 *Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Dining Table Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Dining Table from €2,332.00 *Knoll - 1966 Dining Armchair Knoll - 1966 Dining Armchair €1,190.00 *Knoll - 1966 Lounger Knoll - 1966 Lounger €1,999.00 *Knoll - 1966 Adjustable Lounger Knoll - 1966 Adjustable Lounger €2,713.00 *Knoll - 1966 Dining Table Knoll - 1966 Dining Table €2,273.00 *Knoll - Petal Dining Table Knoll - Petal Dining Table €3,487.00 *Knoll - Cushion for Bertoia Diamond Armchair (Outdoor) Knoll - Cushion for Bertoia Diamond Armchair (Outdoor) €333.00 *Knoll - Platner Armchair Knoll - Platner Armchair from €2,892.00 *Knoll - Florence Sofa, 2 seats Knoll - Florence Sofa, 2 seats €9,377.00 *Knoll - Wassily Canvas Knoll - Wassily Canvas €1,571.00 *Knoll - MR Side Chair Knoll - MR Side Chair from €1,119.00 *Knoll - Florence Couch Table Knoll - Florence Couch Table €1,880.00 *Knoll - Florence Sofa, 3 seats Knoll - Florence Sofa, 3 seats €12,555.00 *

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From the company founded in 1938, Knoll has evolved into a global manufacturer of office furniture, committed to excellent design.

The goal of the company Knoll International is to offer customers elegant products for private spaces as well as offices.
As a globally renowned leader in design, Knoll has received hundreds of design awards for products that are in collections of renowned art museums throughout the whole world. Knoll is especially proud of about 30 products that are exhibited in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The KnollStudio collection of modern classics includes seating furniture, tables and desks for executive offices as well as for elegant homes. KnollStudio stands for selected and signed designs that are developed in collaboration with leading architects and designers of the world and embodies elegance, handicraft and emblematic details.

The Knoll office collection includes office systems, office seating furniture, wooden desks, shelves and metal desks, office accessories, fabrics and leather.

The Knoll design philosophy is strongly anchored in the demands of customers.
At Knoll, serious working place research is combined with innovative thinking to design characteristic working areas for highest performance that fulfil unique and constantly changing business demands.

Knoll has representations all around the world. Knoll has showrooms and retailers in all big cities in Europe. In North America, Knoll has a network of more than 300 retailers that are supported by 100 showrooms and regional offices.
In Latin America and Asia, Knoll customers are served by independent franchisees. Knoll has production sites in Foligno and Graffignana in Italy, East Greenville in Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids and Muskegon in Michigan (USA) as well as in Toronto in the Canadian state of Ontario.

Knoll is the first supplier of office furniture globally who is certified according to ISO 9000 and ISO 14001. In Europe, Knoll is certificated according to ISO 9001/2000, in North America according to ISO 9001.

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