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Vita - Silvia light white

Make your home comfortable with pendant lamps of known designers

Pendant lamps fit in every place and they offer an independent character to every room. Find pendant lamps with different forms and styles in the Connox assortment – classic and modern. Which light is the right one for the different rooms, doesn’t depend in the height of the room, but on the personal taste of the user- Be inspired!

Pendant lamps in the home design shop – an overview of your advantages

  • Curated lamps assortment with top brands
  • High class products by famous designers
  • To be bought directly and simply online
  • Safe payment thanks to SSL-encryption
  • Data protection - Safety tested

What are pendant lamps?

The pendant lamp is a lamp fixed at the ceiling of a room. It is made to illuminate rooms generally. Therewith the room decides the alternatives there are regarding the selection of pendant lamps. The final step however, depends on your personal taste; the range of the Connox home design shop is big. There are simpler bulb-like lamps from NUD and bellied chandeliers from Ingo Maurer in the assortment.

Which pendant lamp for which room?

Different rooms need different pendant lamps. What height does your room have? If it is an old building, it is perfectly suitable for big and elaborate pendant lamps. The hanging lamps from the brand Verpan offer a noble look to the room: The modern design lamps perfectly fit in the charms of old buildings. If your rooms are smaller and lower, you might prefer decent and comfortable lamps. The Harry pendant lamp by Carpyen can be adapted to a room’s size and it spreads soft light.

The ceiling’s height and the room’s size aren’t the only important things when it comes to choose a pendant lamp. The light demand of a room as well plays a deciding role. Glare-free and diffuse light are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. Why don’t choose the Pirum pendant lamp from Schneid? Ceiling flooders with indirect light have a relaxing effect. In the office however, there’s the need of pendant lamps with direct light, as well as in the kitchen. Spot illumination, on top of the dining room, has a dynamic and active effect. The Mega Bulb pendant lamp by &Tradition is suitable for such purposes. The Bulb lamp decently adapts to every interior and it sets modern accents at the same time with its transparent cable and the thick mouth-blown glass. It offers brightness to the room it is in, as it is very important in the office and the kitchen. The right illuminant makes the light of the pendant lamp adaptable.

How high do pendant lamps hang?

Most of our pendant lamps are individually adaptable regarding their height. How high they should hang in your rooms depends on your taste and on where they hand exactly. In the middle of the room it shouldn’t hang low but on top of a dining table it may well do it, since it should illuminate the meal and the dining faces. When there is a longer dining table to be illuminated, we suggest some smaller pendant lamps next to each other. This transforms your pendant lamps into something visually perfect.

There are often many accessories available when you decide to buy designer lamps, offering the light and the pendant lamp a different appearance and making it adaptable for different rooms.

Environmentally friendly illuminants – also for design classics

There are many space-saving pendant lamps with modern LED technology today, even many design classics have been equipped with environmentally friendly LED lamps- This makes the classic pendant lamps adapted to the demands of modern environment protection – completely according to the Connox home design.

Be inspired and find your personal pendant lamp in the home design shop.

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