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Design Floor Lamps - How to Find the Right Model for Your Home

The Northern - Gear floor lamp beside the bed
  1. Floor lamp types - from classic to fancy
  2. Reading lights in detail
  3. Illuminant, light colour and diffusion
  4. Conclusion

1. Floor lamp types - from classic to unusual

There is a wide choice of floor lamp designs: models with a textile (1) or opal glass lampshade are quite classic. From functional reading lights (2) to timeless arc lights (3) and modern uplights (4), there is the right design for every type of interior.

Butterfly Floor lamp Ø 25 cm x H 135 cm, tan grey by Frandsen

Particularly important for choosing the right type of floor lamp is the question of when the luminaire should be used and where it should be positioned. If the standard luminaire is to be placed next to the sofa or armchair and provide light for reading, a reading luminaire with direct light is ideal (2). A reading lamp with high flexibility is also recommended in addition to a desk as a work lamp. If the furniture is primarily intended to create atmospheric light, choose a classic floor lamp (4), which is dimmable at best. By contrast, a ceiling-mounted floodlight (4) is perfect for (supplementary) general lighting in a room: the projection surface of the ceiling creates a beautiful light that appears even brighter at the same wattage.

Viktoria interior design expert tips for advisors "If you do not have a ceiling outlet for a pendant luminaire above your dining table, you can easily fall back on an arc lamp. This way you can perfectly illuminate your dining area and also create an extravagant highlight." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Setting the reading lights

2. Reading lights in detail

Reading lights are characterised by their direct light and various adjustment options, with the degree of flexibility varying from model to model: While some designer floor lamps (1) are swivel-mounted in the base, which changes the angle of the lamp, in other models (2) only the head can be swivelled. There are also reading lights that even have several swivel joints (3) or are additionally height-adjustable (4). Depending on the setting options, some reading lights can also be used as ceiling floods to supplement or even replace the general lighting.

Reading lights - scattering

3. Illuminant, light colour and diffusion

Depending on the type of your designer floor lamp, different levels of light are created: reading lights as well as ceiling floodlights provide direct light and classic floor lamps with a lampshade made of textile or opal glass provide indirect or diffuse light and gently illuminate the room without dazzling. With floor lamps in black, it should always be borne in mind that they swallow a lot of light and bright paper shades let the maximum through in return. Combined luminaires, on the other hand, can provide a mixture of direct and indirect light and some can also be switched separately, providing the right light for reading and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The classic light sources for floor lamps are LEDs, halogen lamps or the classic incandescent lamps. With most luminaires you have a free choice between these three types, regardless of the possibility of dimming. In some models, LEDs are already permanently installed, as they have a service life of 15,000 to 50,000 hours and last 14 to 45 years with a burning time of three hours per day.

PUK pendant lights

Light colour plays a very important role in the choice of illuminant, as it has a major influence on the mood in the room. Because while neutral and warm white lamps provide cosy light and are therefore perfect for your floor lamp in the living room as well as in the dining and sleeping area, cold white light is particularly suitable for working and promotes concentration because it comes closest to daylight. This makes cold light colours ideal for your floor lamp in the office.

Foscarini - Tuareg floor lamp LED, white

4. Conclusion - what you should consider when buying a floor lamp

  • From classic designer floor lamps with a lampshade made of textile or opal glass to reading lamps and arched lamps to ceiling floodlights, the choice of models is large. When choosing the right type, it is particularly important to consider which piece of furniture the luminaire is to be placed next to and for what purpose it is to be used.
  • Reading lights are characterised by their flexibility: While some variants are either only pivotable in the foot or head, others have several pivotable joints or are height adjustable. In some cases, reading lights can also be converted into ceiling floodlights.
  • Free-standing luminaires differ significantly in their light distribution: for example, you can create direct light with reading lights and indirect light with classic free-standing luminaires. You can create a mixture of both types of lighting with combined floor lamps.
  • Most floor lamps can be fitted with LEDs, halogens or conventional light bulbs as light sources. A special type is the LED floor lamp, in which the illuminant, which has been functional for decades, is already permanently installed.
  • Floor luminaires with a dimmer function are a useful option for adjusting the lighting to the prevailing mood.
  • The colour of light has a decisive influence on the mood in a room. Neutral and warm-white lamps provide cosy light that is perfect for the living room, bedroom and dining area. Cold white light is ideal for promoting concentration and thus in the study.

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