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The Design Center Stuttgart of the Federal Estate Baden-Württemberg presents the Focus Open and invites companies and producers out or all areas to participate. This estate award is given to manufacturers and designers for future oriented, professional, exceptional design performances. The awards “Focus in Gold” and “Focus in Silver” are desired approvals for highest design quality. The renowned competition looks back to a long tradition and enjoys high recognition nationally and internationally.

Fair and serious – The intention of the competition
The non-commercial orientation of the competition also allows smaller, middle-size and young companies to participate. As much presented works as possible are inspected by the jury with the original product so as to keep the highest objectivity, without previous selection. The products are evaluated by international experienced and recognized experts out of different disciplines, focusing very much on neutrality.

The jury gives the “Focus in Silver” for exceptionally designed objects and with this awarding all of those products that are exceptional in their respective category. Only one product of all the categories can get the “Focus in Gold” seal of approval. Clear advantages would that mean for manufacturers and designers on the market, since the “Focus in Gold” and the “Focus in Silver” stand for the highest product quality and the noticeably support the market communication, starting front he moment of the awarding.

The participants
Manufacturers and designers of professionally developed products are invited to participate. They can inscribe every single product that hasn’t been on the market for more than two years, in every desired category. Prototypes that have a guaranteed serial maturity are also admitted, but no artistic works.

The product categories

The growing diversity of products and branches leads to a selection of meanwhile seventeen categories:
• Production, assembly, logistics (machines, tools, devices…)
• Medicine, rehabilitation, geriatrics (diagnostics and analysis devices, medical apparatus, orthotic devices…)
• Bathroom, sanitary room, wellness (bath furnishing and products, ceramic tiles…)
• Kitchen, household (kitchen furnishing, catering, electric bulk devices…)
• Table and kitchen culture (kitchen and household products, tableware…)
• Living (furniture, room equipment in private areas…)
• Object (furniture, furnishing in business world…)
• Ambience, lifestyle (office and writing utensils, accessories, decorations, glasses frames, bags…)
• Illumination (lamps, light technique…)
• Communication, audio / video, optic (computer, telephones, media products, cameras…)
• Leisure time, outdoor (products for leisure time activities, garden articles…)
• Sports (sports articles…)
• Kids and family (products for children, toys…)
• Architecture (building conception, technique, control…)
• Public design (exposition grounds construction, museums, control systems…)
• Concept, sustainability

The evaluation criteria

• Design quality
• Functionality
• Innovation
• Ergonomy, interface design
• Usability
• Ecology, sustainability
• Value, appeal
• Emotionality
• Market conformity
• Production graphic or typography
• Design quality of production equipment: user’s manual, assembly instruction, selling package

The jury

The independent evaluation by the jury to ensure a fair competition is the central focus for the Design Center Stuttgart. So that products that have been developed by the jurors are excluded for the competition.

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