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Pinterest Home Trend 2017: Indoor Plants and the Urban Jungle Look

ferm Living - Plant Box dunkelgrau

About a month ago I moved house - and for the first time I was moving into a completely unfurnished apartment. So I speak from experience when I say how difficult it is to make new spaces homely. I was even more surprised to find the effect that a few cut flowers and plant pots can have on the living room. The room seems to have much more life to it since I bought some indoor plants and, bit by bit, it is taking on its own character. Since then, more and more cacti, succulents and plant pots have found their way into my home. I see no end to the introduction of even more indoor plants. I am not alone in my opinion that plants set the tone for a room: Pinterest has revealed this indoor plant trend as one of the most shared interior trends for 2017 - read on to find out more about the urban jungle look.

How to Create the Popular Urban Jungle Look in Your Home:

  1. Indoors is the New Outdoors
  2. Indoor Plants: The Home Trend that Increases Oxygen and Reduces Stress
  3. Ideas for the Urban Jungle Look
  4. Greenery – The New Trend Color from Pantone

Indoors is the New Outdoors

The fact that plants find their way into apartments and houses may be mainly due to the fact that we spend most of our time inside. There is a growing need to spend more time outdoors and in nature. An example of this is that an increasing number of people are getting up and travelling the world. However, large areas or dense forests are not directly available to many urban residents. Some apartments have no garden or balcony. But why give up that holiday feeling? Brands such as Bloomingville respond to the widespread need with shapes taken directly from nature. A summery example is the beloved decorative pineapple. Next to floral and natural motifs, more and more plants are finding their way into the home. Cacti and succulents are especially popular - exotic plants that remind of holidays in the sun.

Skultuna - Flower Pots brass polished, small and medium with flowers
Shiny is fashionable: shimmering metals and geometric shapes
Kitchen accessories by ferm Living

Indoor Plants: The Home Trend that Increases Oxygen and Reduces Stress

But plants do not just look good. They also improve the room climate. Many indoor plant species such as aloe vera, peppermint and ivy absorb pollutants and thus ensure a healthier air. In addition, indoor plants can lower stress levels. Think about the effect a forest walk has on you - right, after that you are usually more relaxed than before. This is the exact same effect that indoor plants have on us. That is why experts recommend plants for inside offices as well, wherever the atmosphere should be creative and focussed.

Black Plant Stand in Two Sizes
Green, greener, Design Letters
A natural piece of wall art

Ideas for the Urban Jungle Look

For a splendor of plants, which reminds of the expressive paintings of a Monet or a jungle in Bali, the most important thing is the obvious: many, many plants. The best way is to mix different plant species and sizes in order to create an overall feeling of harmony. Our green friends look great on the coffee table, on window sills and on the floor. Your choice of plant pots will give the uran jungle look a personal touch. Another nice idea is to decorate bare walls with plants. My personal favourite for this is the Round Dorm by ferm Living.

Der Urban Jungle Look: Wall Hanging

But I can also imagine the Pocket Shelves by String being good for this – Scandinavian purism meets the unconventional urban jungle look. Brands such as Boskke even allow you to hang your favourite plants upside down from the ceiling. Try hanging them in groups of three to maximise the effect. With the Plant Stand and the Plant Box by ferm Living, you can create the illusion of a garden. And if that's all a bit too much green for you all at once, you can always try an accent with a solitary plant. At the end of the day it's you who decides how to decorate your personal interior.

The upside down flower pot by Boskke
Cachepot with foot Juliane from Bjørn Wiinblad
WM String Lounge Chair and Wire Pot from Audo

Greenery – The New Trend Color from Pantone

The fact that green is so in trend at the moment is also shown with the trend color Greenery. Greenery is a light, intense green that invokes thoughts of springtime and new life - a lively color that creates a good mood. At first glance it might appear a little garish, but in combination with other shades of green it adds a wonderful touch to any room. Read more about the Pantone color of the Year 2017 in our blog.

The high garden of urbanature in oak with white planter
Areaware - Plant pedestal set
Stacked Shelving system from Muuto

I'll definitely be buying myself some more plants this weekend and I'm already looking forward to my little urban jungle.

(Photo credit: Jules Villbrandt from Herz & Blut.)

Article from the 2017-01-12, of Caren Schwenke

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