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Pinterest Home Trends 2017: Farmhouse Style

The Land bedspread of Juna on the bed

We are rudely awoken every morning by the alarm on our smart phones, rush through our morning routines and sit in excruciatingly slow rush hour traffic. When the working day is over, the skies are dark and it's not a particularly inviting idea to go and sit in the city parks or gardens: we wish just for a moment that we could relive the easy moments of our childhood, when the time came around for "holidays at the farm".

Once a year, the social media platform "Pinterest" reveals the trending styles for the upcoming year. One trend in particular stands out from the rest: farmhouse style. My name is Lennard and I joined Connox in December 2016 as an intern. Since I've just moved from the countryside to a big city, I am particularly fond of the farmhouse style. I'm pleased to be able to show you all about this interesting style trend.

How to Decorate your House in the Farmhouse Style:

  1. What Defines Farmhouse Style?
  2. The colors and Shapes of Farmhouse Style
  3. My Thoughts on the Trend

What Defines Farmhouse Style?

Grab Sofa in nature / beige (747) from Karup Design in the living room


Many of us dream of owning our own country villa, where we can breathe in the fresh air and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is exactly why the farmhouse style trend is becoming ever more popular in city homes. There's a focus on natural materials like wood, stone and clay. Walls are decorated with wooden trinkets and the floors are made in old-looking wood (creaking floorboards optional).

Warm textiles spread a feeling of homeliness, whether in cotton, leather, linen or rattan - as long as it's natural. Small baskets or clay pots, like the ones we remember from visits to our grandparents, are welcome eyecatchers and exude farmhouse flair.

Plant pot with frame from Bloomingville on the terrace
Hako coffee table in nature by Karup Design with magazines
Hongi Coat rack with mirror in nature from Karup Design arranged in the room

The colors and Shapes of Farmhouse Style

When it comes to colors, farmhouse style keeps to its natural theme and reflects nature with lots of warm and light brown tones as well as various pastel colors. The Earth Rug from nanimarquina is made from jute and is available in various different brown tones - perfect for your farmhouse style. There is also plenty of room to play when it comes to patterns - try diamond patterns, stripes or floral designs to add a personal touch to your farmhouse style.

nanimarquina - Earth Carpet, black


Above all, heavy, bulky furniture is at home in the farmhouse. In the centre of attention are robust wooden tables and opulent sofas for relaxing into after a hard day's work. The Skagen Dining Table from Skagerak is exceptionally well-suited to this style. Light wooden designs combine well with these big pieces of furniture, for example coat racks such as the Push by Skagerak. Traces of vintage give the whole thing a feel of country living, where it isn't about perfection.

Linear Wood dining table and bench as well as Unfold pendant lamp by Muuto
AC2 Chair from Andersen Furniture
Carl Hansen - CH337 extendable dining table with CH24 Wishbone Chair

My Thoughts on the Trend

I personally think that the farmhouse style leaves a lot of room for adding individual touches and personalisation. In our hectic everyday lives and with an increasingly digital lifestyle, I often long for a simple, down-to-earth farmhouse life. Although I'd rather swap cleaning out the stables for a cosy evening with friends and a DVD - but in a rustic home setting. The farmhouse style is all about bringing nature into the home - that's the best way I've found of switching off from the "concrete jungle" of the big city.

Skagerak - Push

Article from the 2017-01-11, of Lennard Mros

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