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String Furniture

String Furniture is known for the modular shelving classic by Nisse and Kajsa Strinning. The range also includes new products such as the Museum ™ shelves, outdoor additions, furniture for the home office and much more.

75 years of shelving systems for every area of life - String Furniture celebrates its anniversary!

The String shelving system has been with us since 1949 and offers systematic storage space - for all design lovers, functionalists and aesthetes. Based on three elements - the shelves, the wall ladders and the metal fittings - it can be combined in countless configurations. Create your own original!

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String Shelving - from competition winner to cultural asset

We have a competition run by Swedish publisher Bonniers to thank for what is probably the most flexible shelving system in the world. Bonniers believed that people would buy more books if they could store them sensibly. So in 1949, the publisher called for entries for a shelving system that was affordable, easy to transport and simple to assemble and set up.

String - 1949-2024

The married couple Nils and Kajsa Strinning took up the challenge and won the competition - with a flexible, elegant and minimalist shelving system that could be mounted on any wall. String was born. Wall ladders, metal fittings and shelves followed. Folding tables, cupboard elements and many more modules, but the basic system is still the same.

A mid-century design classic

It has been with us for 75 years String Furniture and offers systematic storage space. As the demand for affordable yet stylish furniture increased, the unprecedented shelving system became the innovative centerpiece of Scandinavian design and took the interior world by storm. In 1997, the String shelf was even included in the collection of the Swedish National Museum as part of national design history. A timeless classic.

String - 1949-2024

Modular shelving system

Thanks to the simple but ingenious design of the String shelving system offers String Furniture infinite possibilities for design and combination. From practical String wall shelf in the living room to a functional String Furniture shelf in the office, the versatility of the system knows no bounds. In our guide String in Every Room we show you how to create your own personal shelving combination for every room and every function.

Innovative extensions of the String wall shelf

With the extension of the classic String shelf with the practical and compact String Pocket wall shelf, the functional Works ™ by String Furniture office furniture, an String outdoor collection with galvanized shelving modules for outdoor use and the addition of the Museum ™ by String Furniture series and the String Relief series , the manufacturer is constantly evolving. The contemporary designs, new colors and materials as well as a wide range of accessories prove that String Furniture continues to be synonymous with quality and style.

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