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Driade - Nemo Armchair Driade - Nemo Armchair from €1,196.00 *Karup - Nido Futon Armchair Karup - Nido Futon Armchair from €275.50 *Softline - Havana Armchair Softline - Havana Armchair from €1,095.00 *Löffler - Orgone Chair Löffler - Orgone Chair from €702.00 *Fritz Hansen - Egg Armchair Fritz Hansen - Egg Armchair from €5,691.00 *Softline - Loft Module Sofa Indoor Softline - Loft Module Sofa Indoor from €320.00 *Fatboy - Ch-air Fatboy - Ch-air from €169.95 *by Lassen - The Tired Man Armchair by Lassen - The Tired Man Armchair from €3,949.00 *Vitra - Grand Repos Armchair + Ottoman (Velour) Vitra - Grand Repos Armchair + Ottoman (Velour) from €5,890.00 *B-Line - Joe Colombo Multichair B-Line - Joe Colombo Multichair €2,011.00 *Bla Station - Fatback Easy Chair Bla Station - Fatback Easy Chair €1,822.00 *Magis - Nimrod Armchair Magis - Nimrod Armchair €944.00 *Kartell - Bubble Club Armchair Kartell - Bubble Club Armchair from €503.00 *Driade - Clover Armchair Driade - Clover Armchair €434.00 * 5 von 5Moroso - Little Albert Chair Moroso - Little Albert Chair from €381.00 *Moroso - Victoria and Albert Armchair Moroso - Victoria and Albert Armchair €2,094.00 *Moroso - Take A Line For A Walk Moroso - Take A Line For A Walk from €1,297.00 *Fritz Hansen - Swan Armchair Fritz Hansen - Swan Armchair €3,215.00 *Fritz Hansen - Space Armchair Fritz Hansen - Space Armchair from €3,231.00 *Vitra - Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - walnut white Vitra - Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - walnut white from €7,490.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Cherry Wood Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Cherry Wood €6,290.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair - Cherry Wood Vitra - Lounge Chair - Cherry Wood from €4,690.00 *Moroso - O-Nest armchair Moroso - O-Nest armchair €417.00 *ClassiCon - Bibendum armchair ClassiCon - Bibendum armchair from €4,190.00 *Artek - Armchair 41 Paimio Artek - Armchair 41 Paimio €3,212.00 *Artek - Armchair 400 - The Tank Artek - Armchair 400 - The Tank €4,693.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Santos Rosewood Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Santos Rosewood from €7,990.00 *Wogg 47 Lounger Wogg 47 Lounger €2,848.00 *Bla Station - Oppo Armchair Bla Station - Oppo Armchair €3,457.00 *Moroso - Moon Chair Moroso - Moon Chair €393.00 *Zanotta - Calla Lounger Zanotta - Calla Lounger €1,761.00 *Magis - Raviolo Lounger Magis - Raviolo Lounger €369.00 *Magis - Proust Lounger Magis - Proust Lounger from €738.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair Santos Rosewood Vitra - Lounge Chair Santos Rosewood from €5,990.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Walnut black Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Walnut black from €7,490.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair - Walnut black Vitra - Lounge Chair - Walnut black from €5,590.00 *

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Fritz Hansen - The Egg Chair

Designer armchairs in the home design shop: a small decision-making aid for the right chair

Commonplace and yet not immediately obvious: The armchair, in Germany a symbol of cosiness and comfortable living, covers comfortable chairs for one person, which usually have soft cushions and armrests. The denomination “armchair” includes loungers as well. Nevertheless: The armchair is indispensable in our living rooms. Numerous designers are working to get maximum convenience and functionality out of the classic armchair.
They created and continue to create individual seating objects - including designer armchairs that have made history. In different style epochs, special armchair shapes became popular.

Among them the chaise longue of the Late Baroque, wing chairs such as the Winchester of the 17th-
century, the club chair of the Art Déco time or the cocktail chair of the 1950s. The best part about all the different chair shapes of the past:

Today, you have your choice of armchairs of all style and design periods.

Designer chairs in the interior design shop - your advantages at a glance

A large, curated assortment of armchairs by famous designers can be found in the Connox interior design shop.
Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of high-quality design furniture and add some cosiness and comfort into your living room!

Designed by the 50s the design legends Charles and Ray Eames, which themselves were inspired by a traditional English club chair. The designers wanted to combine ultimate comfort with the highest quality in materials and workmanship. They managed to turn the designer armchair into a metaphor for stylish comfort. Also in the 50s, the designerArne Jacobsen designed the Egg Chair for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen for Fritz Hansen.

Many manufacturers meanwhile offer armchair classics with new coatings; That’s how for example Softline offers a re-interpretation of the classic Egg Chair (or wing chair) and Vitra produces the Lounge Chair in new dimensions. Swivel chairs and cantilevers are often just as comfortable as the much cited beanbag, but much more classy.

Leather or textile? The question of surfaces

The surface choice also depends on taste: Nowadays the decision isn’t just about fabric or leather anymore. There are even plastic chairs by Kartell or wooden chairs, such as Paimio by Artek. The Paimio chair made by the design legend Alvar Aalto, for example, is even more comfortable as one might expect at first sight. More of a club chair than a relaxing chair – wooden chairs are naturally not really made to relax in while in front of the chimney. But in a comfortable round of family and friends it is surely an alternative today as well as in the past.

Many armchair classics, such as the “egg” or the “swan” even offer both leather and fabric as coating material. Each armchair thereby has advantages and disadvantages:


In general terms one can say that natural leather is more sensitive than treated leather. Bright leather chairs are especially sensible against fading from use over time, sunshine and other environmental influences – some people love such a patina, others don’t. Thicker leather and pigmented leather are more robust against fading but they are also less cosy.


When you chose a fabric coated chair there is a similar problem: Natural fibres are more sensitive than synthetic ones. They are more sensitive to sunshine and friction. But natural fabrics are better in the regulation of temperature and humidity than plastic materials. Whether legendary traditional armchairs such as the Egg Armchair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen or the modern, nearly provocative ones, such as the Nemo Chair by Driade: the most important thing to keep in mind when considering a chair for the TV, lounging, relaxation, or sleeping is the rest of the furniture.

It doesn’t matter which chair you choose: the possibility of buying your favourite one in the interior design shop safely is absolutely given.

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