Sebastian Herkner

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Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner is considered to be a shooting star of the world of design. His exceptional designs are moved by a deep curiosity and will to travel, which gives new inspiration to him.

Sebastian Herkner was born in 1981. He studied product design at the Offenbach Design Academy. During his studies he also experienced an internship at Stella McCartney in London. He developed a deeper understanding for colours, materials and their connection there.

Since he graduated in the year 2007, Sebastian Herkner works at the product design faculty of the Offenbach Design Academy and participated in numerous projects of integrated design there.

Already in the year 2006 Sebastian Herkner has moreover founded his own design office. Here he works in the exposition and product design area for different companies. For example he designed the bird house Piep Shop Home, which won the Design Plus Award in 2001, for Radius Design. Furthermore he won the red dot design award in the year 2011 for his Bell Table for the Spanish company ABR.

”My works shouldexpress a kind of timelessness. I like things to convince after many years as well as in their beginning.

Herkner’s product designs are inspired by people and their actions. Contemporaneous trends are hardly given any importance, because the young designer is interested in a connection of simple techniques and traditional materials. These are interpreted and combined with current production methods becoming contemporaneous and timeless products.

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