The brand ClassiCon produces furniture and lamps. The Adjustable Table, the Bibendum armchair and the Tube Light LED floor lamp create a noble design in your home.


ClassiCon produces and exclusively sells the Eileen Gray collection. Since its founding in 1990, ClassiCon advocates and presents, in addition to classical and coeval design, works by Konstantin Grcic from Munich.

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ClassiCon - Replacement Table Top for the Adjustable Table E 1027 ClassiCon - Replacement Table Top for the Adjustable Table E 1027 €158.00 *ClassiCon - Adjustable Table E 1027 ClassiCon - Adjustable Table E 1027 from €725.00 *ClassiCon - Selene Pendant Light ClassiCon - Selene Pendant Light from €500.00 *ClassiCon - Mandu Valet Stand ClassiCon - Mandu Valet Stand €490.00 *ClassiCon - Bell coffee table ClassiCon - Bell coffee table from €2,250.00 *ClassiCon - Nymphenburg Coat Rack ClassiCon - Nymphenburg Coat Rack €1,850.00 *ClassiCon - Diana B side table ClassiCon - Diana B side table from €440.00 *ClassiCon - Vase ClassiCon - Vase from €219.00 *ClassiCon - miniature Bell side table ClassiCon - miniature Bell side table €295.00 *Classicon - Cypris mirror -26% Classicon - Cypris mirror from RRP €1,590.00 €1,169.00 *ClassiCon - adjustable table E 1027 (black version) ClassiCon - adjustable table E 1027 (black version) from €725.00 *ClassiCon - Tube Light LED floor lamp ClassiCon - Tube Light LED floor lamp €725.00 *ClassiCon - Pli Side Table ClassiCon - Pli Side Table from €1,145.00 *ClassiCon - Selene Pendant Light Brass ClassiCon - Selene Pendant Light Brass from €650.00 *ClassiCon - Saturn Hall Stand ClassiCon - Saturn Hall Stand €1,490.00 *ClassiCon - Banu stool ClassiCon - Banu stool €1,230.00 *ClassiCon - Occasional Table ClassiCon - Occasional Table from €1,090.00 *ClassiCon - Bibendum armchair ClassiCon - Bibendum armchair from €4,190.00 *ClassiCon - Bowl ClassiCon - Bowl from €229.00 *ClassiCon - day bed ClassiCon - day bed from €4,830.00 *ClassiCon - Bell side table ClassiCon - Bell side table from €1,790.00 *ClassiCon - Notos Lectern ClassiCon - Notos Lectern €1,450.00 *ClassiCon - Diana A side table ClassiCon - Diana A side table from €410.00 *ClassiCon - Pegasus Home Desk ClassiCon - Pegasus Home Desk €4,290.00 *ClassiCon - Sedan Chair ClassiCon - Sedan Chair €770.00 *ClassiCon - Orcus Bureau ClassiCon - Orcus Bureau €6,690.00 *ClassiCon - Zelos Bureau ClassiCon - Zelos Bureau €3,490.00 *ClassiCon - Selene Pendant Light Copper ClassiCon - Selene Pendant Light Copper from €650.00 *ClassiCon - Bell Light pendant light ClassiCon - Bell Light pendant light from €830.00 *ClassiCon - Ulisse Daybed ClassiCon - Ulisse Daybed €4,790.00 *ClassiCon - Pli Dining Table ClassiCon - Pli Dining Table €6,690.00 *ClassicCon - Tadaima Console Table ClassicCon - Tadaima Console Table €1,350.00 *ClassiCon - Lantern Light Table Lamp ClassiCon - Lantern Light Table Lamp from €1,390.00 *ClassiCon - Lantern Light Floor Lamp ClassiCon - Lantern Light Floor Lamp from €1,590.00 *

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ClassiCon design: Furniture and lamps with history

From the onset, it was a goal to promote contemporary design in addition to established names such as Eileen Gray and Eckart Muthesius in the programme. Of course, only that which meets the demands of classic quality and formal advancedness. ClassiCon is therefore also always open to new design ideas. The ClassiCon brand stands for quality, individuality, and timeless aesthetics, independent of fashion trends.

The fascination of the new formal idea is more important than the reputation of the author. Therefore, the company often discovers new and exciting young designers. In the case of Konstantin Grcic, long-term cooperation developed at the beginning his carer regarding furniture designs, such as the secretary’s desk Orcus. ClassiCon produces and distributes the Eileen Gray collection as worldwide licensee of Aram designs Ltd., London.

Eileen Gray began to work with Zeev Aram in the early 1970s in order to bring their furniture and lighting to the production line. In 1975, she gave the worldwide license for the introduction, production, and distribution of their designs to Zeev Aram. The emphasis during production lies solely on high quality. High quality which means: the furniture of the classic collection is marked by a permanent mark and numbered. The ClassiCon signature guarantees that only high-quality materials and processing techniques are used in the manufacturing process in compliance with all environmental requirements and that all ClassiCon furniture has passed through intensive quality control. The signature guarantees that it is an authentic look, made in agreement with the rights holder’s product.

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