IFA: Dyson presents world novelty

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Article from the 2011-09-06

The IFA took place in Berlin in the beginning of September. The vacuum cleaner without bags, as well as ventilators without rotor blades Dyson used the chance to present its product novelties. One world novelty was the focus of attention.

The new vacuum cleaner Dyson DC37 is the first floor vacuum cleaner with the patented Ball-Technology. The DC37 possesses the most modern technology that sits on top of a ball guaranteeing an easy controlling and precise directing around the narrowest edges.

Floor vacuum cleaners are often difficult to direct and can tilt. They get stuck at carpets, get out of the way at edges and are difficult to be pulled. Just as well as a huge shopping cart, their rough wheels drift apart on top of smooth surfaces and get into carpets – more strength is necessary to keep them going straight. As their suction force depends on the content of the cleaner bag, the power will decrease.

The DC37 from Dyson sits on a ball and does therefore possess a low focal point. This makes it easier to pull it and it won’t stop going at corners or edges. Connected with a patented central directing mechanism, the device uses a flexible conduction frame and a central turning point to overcome narrow curves and sofas. Equipped with the Dyson Radial Rooot Cyclone Technology, it suctions more microscopic dust that every other cyclone-hoover.

Other floor vacuum cleaners still use bags and filters, losing their suction power. Dyson used the cyclone technology since its invention more than 20 years ago. Each angle in the suction trajectory was improved and refined; to adopt microscopic particles sized 0.5 micrometers or 1/5000 of a needle’s head in the air stream, ending in the container.

The Musclehead-floor nozzle of the Dyson DC37 automatically fits in all floor sorts. With the help of air pressure, a surface sensor automatically inserts the brushes that suit the carpet it feels, and lets them down automatically again when the floor gets smooth again. This means that it is not necessary to bend forward or using foot pedals.

With the air streams in the cyclons, strengths of 100.000 G are created – this means that the Dyson accumulator hoover stood in front of the duty of minimizing sounds and vibrations of the high velocity moving dust particles. The tests in Dyson’s half-reflections-free room led to a re-design of motor housings and fan motor for a precise adjusting of the air stream.

The new vacuum cleaner DC37 by Dyson will be available from October 2011 in our Online Shop. Find more information about the Dyson DC37 and the new Ball-Technology now on the Dyson Homepage.

Dyson DC37:

  • Availability: October 2011
  • Guarantee: five years of guarantee on spare parts and working times.
  • Technology: Radial Root Cyclone Technology
  • Suction power: 280 W
  • Weight: 7.5 KG
  • Container capacity: 2 liters
  • Hygienic emptying of the container: The DC37 possesses an impulse directed container emptying system. This means that all the dust will directly be disposed in the dust bin by a button press.
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