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Tables are basic equipment for your home. Whether it is for example a kitchen table or a coffee table, depends on the function it is intended to have. If you are among those who may want to set a special accent in your home without completely changing your home furniture, a new, exceptional table is a great tip. A designer table is not only functional, but also expresses your sense of creativity, your desire for something special and perhaps your preference for the fancy. In any case, you're showing off a real highlight with a designer table.

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Hay - Tray Table  Hay - Tray Table from €159.00 * 5 von 5ferm Living - Wire Basket Medium  ferm Living - Wire Basket Medium from €69.00 *Vitra - Eames Occasional Table LTR  Vitra - Eames Occasional Table LTR from €245.00 * 5 von 5ferm Living - Wire Basket Small  ferm Living - Wire Basket Small from €58.00 *Hay - DLM Side Table Hay - DLM Side Table from €159.00 * 5 von 5Normann Copenhagen - Block Table Trolley Normann Copenhagen - Block Table Trolley from €230.00 * 5 von 5ferm Living - Wire Basket Large ferm Living - Wire Basket Large from €82.00 *Hay - DLM XL side table Hay - DLM XL side table from €215.00 *Established & Sons - The Crate Side Table -45% Established & Sons - The Crate Side Table RRP €202.00 €112.00 *Kartell - Battery Table Lamp Kartell - Battery Table Lamp from €156.00 *Pulpo - Trio Sidetable Pulpo - Trio Sidetable from €225.00 *by Lassen - Twin 42 Side Table by Lassen - Twin 42 Side Table from €299.00 *ClassiCon - Adjustable Table E 1027 ClassiCon - Adjustable Table E 1027 from €725.00 *Fiam - Club Side Table Fiam - Club Side Table from €49.00 *Offi - Mag Table Offi - Mag Table from €216.00 * 5 von 5Hay - Loop Stand Table Hay - Loop Stand Table from €613.00 *Kartell - Jolly Side Table Kartell - Jolly Side Table €121.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Tablo Ø 50 cm Normann Copenhagen - Tablo Ø 50 cm from €235.00 *Muuto - Around Couch Table Muuto - Around Couch Table from €549.00 *Hay - Bella Side Table Hay - Bella Side Table from €199.00 *Hanse Hansen - Less H 15/2 Coffee Table Hanse Hansen - Less H 15/2 Coffee Table from €349.00 *Fritz Hansen - Tray Side Table 1958 Fritz Hansen - Tray Side Table 1958 €500.00 *Menu - Turning Table Menu - Turning Table from €499.95 *Kartell - Gnomes Side Table Kartell - Gnomes Side Table from €213.00 *We do wood - Geo's Table We do wood - Geo's Table from €260.00 *Muuto - Airy Coffee Table Half Size Muuto - Airy Coffee Table Half Size from €189.00 *Hans Hansen - Less H 5/2 Coffee Table Hans Hansen - Less H 5/2 Coffee Table from €253.00 *Pulpo - Karussel One side table -41% Pulpo - Karussel One side table RRP €320.00 €189.00 *Alessi - Side Table "Op-la" Alessi - Side Table "Op-la" from €249.00 *Offi - Overlap Tray Offi - Overlap Tray from €195.00 *Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Side Table Knoll - Saarinen Tulip Side Table from €893.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Tablo Ø 78 cm Normann Copenhagen - Tablo Ø 78 cm from €400.00 *Hay - Bella Couch Table Hay - Bella Couch Table from €229.00 *Hay - C44 Table square Hay - C44 Table square €299.00 *Hay - C44 Table rectangular Hay - C44 Table rectangular from €345.00 *Kartell - Tip Top Side Table Kartell - Tip Top Side Table €193.00 *

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Designer table by ferm Living

Designer Tables: Trend Setters — and Not Just with Four Legs

Your designer dining table is not only an expressive home accessory, but will become a meeting place for you and your family and with your guests, it will become the centre for conversation in your apartment. There are many ways to set a trendy and functional accent with a designer table. The Tray Table by Hay is a great product. The small Scandinavian product from Denmark is a transformation genius, that offers many possibilities for its use. It cuts an equally good figure either as a designer side table in the living room, or as a night stand in your bedroom. Stored inside each other, it also provides an interesting storage system. Here, Hay has interpreted Danish furniture design of the 1960s in an innovative way.

Cool Scandinavian and Italian Flair for Home or the Office

Extravagance with clear structure offers the designer table in a round shape from the Scandinavian company Muuto. The same attributes apply to the bar table of the Italian company Magis, which offers you a perfect and flexible workplace for your office or your home. A designer table gives your furniture new value and you the feeling that you've furnished your home with a special touch. Take your time to click through our special designer tables and simply buy your favourite designer table online.

Designer Tables in the Interior Design Shop — Your Advantages At a Glance