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From simple side table to wall shelf: a nightstand can have many faces. When choosing your bedside table design creativity knows no limits - here you will find the right model for your bedroom.

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The Nightstand: Design Piece of Furniture for the Bedroom

Bedside tables provide order in every bedroom. A few selected decorative elements influence a room's atmosphere significantly. Glasses, books and earplugs are always nearby and you don't have to get up at night, you can have a glass of water and have handkerchiefs at your disposal - this way, you can continue sleeping in peace. In the following article we show you the advantages nightstands offer and what you should consider when buying.

1. Which Pieces of Furniture Can Be Used as a Designer Nightstand?
2. Bedside Table Materials: What Should Your Nighstand Be Made Of?
3. Where to Put Your Nightstand?
4. How Much Space Does Your Bedside Table Need?
5. Which Nightstand Fits Your Style?
6. More Ideas for Your Needs
7. Prices & Top Brands
8. Designer Nightstands - Your Benefits at Connox

Which Pieces of Furniture Can Be Used as a Designer Nightstand?

Side tables and benches offer plenty of storage space. Set up your favorite home decor and personal things there - because looking at things you like has been proven to lift the mood before going to bed or getting up to. Drawers will provide you with enough space to stow your utensils neatly and yet quickly have at hand. This way you keep your bedroom tidy. Furthermore benches or a side table as nightstands create an optical border between your sleeping place and the rest of the bedroom.

Blocks and stools as bedside tables are very popular because they are both space-saving and versatile. Above all, wooden blocks, with their natural material, provide comfort and tranquility in your sleeping area. Use chairs as a counter and their back as a clothes rack. If you spontaneously lack a seat for your guests, you can quickly convert the nightstand again.
Baskets like the Wire Basket from ferm Living come with matching lids. They work perfectly as a storage space for bedding, pillows and the like. Ladders and wall shelves are space-saving bedside tables that help you organize your favorite books or utensils. They are flexibly expandable in their number of planks and can be placed anywhere next to your bed. The ladder rungs can be gradually filled and are a fancy alternative to the typical storage furniture.

Bedside Table Materials: What Should Your Nighstand Be Made Of?

  • Wooden bedside tables are one of the most popular choices for the bedroom due to their naturalness. Especially in rather modern and cool surroundings, the wood variant provides warmth. To keep your solid wood bedside table even longer, treat it with wood care products for the respective wood species about twice a year. Especially the bedside table made of beech is resistant to scratches due to its hard material.
  • A nightstand made of metal brings a cool and modern look to your decor. The sturdy models can be cleaned of dust and the like with a damp cloth.
  • Equally modern and easy to clean is the bedside table made of plastic, which is available in many different shapes and colors. With their colorful design, plastic bedside tables ensure a good mood.

Where to Put Your Nightstand?

A bedside table belongs next to the head of the bed. Especially for reading lights this should be the preferred place. If you choose to use a small shelf as a nightstand, then simply put a floor lamp next to the bed. As the foot end is mostly unused space, it is suitable for larger models with plenty of storage space. Decorative are benches, on which you can lay, for example, a coat or your favorite blanket. Bedside tables with cable glands, such as the

bed box 16 or our storage baskets, make it easy for you to power your light. Access multiple power outlets if you need an extension to the next power source.

How Much Space Does Your Bedside Table Need?

Large sideboards & chest of drawers as a nightstand require a free area of ​​about half a square meter. Make sure that the drawers or doors can be opened without difficulty. Stools and small wall shelves save space. They are particularly suitable for filling in niches. The main task of your bedside table should be to make your bedroom more comfortable. Make sure that it does not hinder you from lying down and that you can not bump into it during the night - make sure you have enough space for it. Detailed information on the respective dimensions can be found in the product information.

Which Nightstand Fits Your Style?

Your favorite design says a lot about your personality. Furniture of a certain style shows your individuality and your special taste. The large selection of bedside tables makes it possible to create any desired style.

  • "Less is more," it says - that counts for many bedrooms as well. The minimalist style is becoming increasingly popular. Bedside tables, with clean lines and smooth surfaces, go well with this home trend. A white nightstand blends seamlessly with the rest of the interior, while a black bedside table adds shape and contrast. The neutrality, simplicity and restrained nature of minimalism can also be symbolized by a bedside table in gray. A harmonious overall picture makes the bedroom a place of rest.
  • An alternative to minimalism is the romantic English country house style, which is characterized by natural materials and warm wood tones. A wooden bedside cabinet with large drawers and organic ornaments catches the eye immediately. Wooden ladders, as a combination of work equipment and practical design furniture, also reflect the romance and coziness of the country house style.
  • Bedside tables in retro style are dynamic and innovative and seem nostalgic at the same time by well-known forms. They consist of curved shaped wood or colorful plastic. The colors range from pastel shades to gaudy paintings. Decorate your retro bedside table with simple accessories made of leather, stone, linen or chrome, so it does not look overloaded.

Do nightstands have to match (the bed)? It depends. If you're going for a minimalist, clean look, we would advise you to find nightstands that match your bed. If you're feeling rather adventurous you are free to choose different nightstands that mark a contrast to each other or your bed. But as always when shopping for furniture: Choose the bedside table that makes you feel comfortable and the style you like.

More Ideas for Your Needs

When choosing your bedside table your creativity knows no limits. Not only is there a variety of matching furniture available, you can also decorate them according to your needs and liking. Do you like to read in bed? Our Book Hook combines book storage and bookmarks in one single product. Picture Frames make your bedside table more personal and home decor like vases, bowls or candle holders make your bedroom more interesting. You want indirect lighting? Inside the baskets you can arrange fairy lights that create a cozy atmosphere.

Prices & Top Brands

The price range for bedside tables is very large. Depending on the type of furniture you use, the price will be higher or lower. A heavy solid wood chest of drawers has a higher price for material than a small bedside shelf. Nevertheless, some of our top brands can be classified in certain price segments: Jan Kurtz produces selected, natural design stools and blocks that you can use as a nightstand. Especially in terms of functionality, the products are convincing. They have a rustic look, but with their clean lines for a modern style. Jan Kurtz's products are available at affordable prices.
Vitra has made a name for itself worldwide with its design classics. The timeless products outlast generations. With the price you not only pay for your nightstand, but also a piece of design history.
If you're looking for a mid-priced bedside table, Hay has many options for finding your favorite piece. Models such as the Tray Table have become our favorite items due to their practical design.

Designer Nightstands - Your Benefits at Connox

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