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How to Find the Right Bed for Your Home

  1. Bed size and lying surface
  2. Bedstead and couch height
  3. Accessories for the bed: light, night cabinet and headboard
  4. Alternatives to the classic bed: sofa bed, bed system and daybed
  5. Conclusion - you have to keep this in mind when buying beds

1. Bed size and lying surface

When selecting a bed, the first thing to do is to determine the desired size. In addition to the dimensions of the room, the own space requirements during the night must also be taken into account. The standard mattress in Germany has a length of 200 cm. For a single bed (2) a width of 90 cm is measured, which is suitable for singles or young people. The so-called French bed (3) is 140 cm wide, has a continuous mattress and is particularly popular with young adults with limited space in the bedroom.

A bed with a width of 160 cm is also called a queen-size bed in the USA (4) . Here you have the choice between one continuous mattress or two separate mattresses. The same applies to the slatted frame. The classic double bed has a width of 180 cm (5) and is equipped with two slatted frames and mattresses. A little more space is offered by a width of 200 cm, which is roughly equivalent to the American king-size bed (6) .

A cot (1) is usually offered in the dimensions 70 x 140 cm.

Bed - size and lying surface

2. Bed frame and lying height

The bed frame determines the design of the bed. If you like it simple, you can choose a futon bed (1), like the Pace bed by Karup Design or the Tiefschlaf by Stadtnomaden. The futon bed does not have a headboard or footboard and has a low height based on the Japanese model.

If the bed is to function as the centre of the room, an opulent four-poster bed (2) like the ILletto four-poster bed by Opinion Ciatti is recommended. In combination with a fabric cover, it looks particularly cosy and creates an inviting atmosphere.

The box spring bed (3), like the 130 box spring bed by freistil, usually has a higher lying surface so that it is easier to get up. Thanks to the lavishly padded headboard, you can also lean comfortably against it while reading.
A classic bed with high headboard and footboard (4) frames the user visually and creates a feeling of security.

Looking for a baby cot, loft bed or classic cot for the little members of the family? You will find a large selection here.

Bed - frame and lying height

3. Accessories for the bed: light, night cabinet and headboard

With flexible accessories, the bed can be individually designed. A bed with integrated lighting , for example, creates a cosy atmosphere and a special eye-catcher. A shelf at the head end and a bedside table at the side offer practical storage space without the need for additional furniture in the room. The look of a simple futon bed can be easily changed with a separately available headboard in which it is mounted on the wall. According to the Mix & Match principle, the bed can be made cosy according to your own wishes.

Bed - Accessories

4. Alternative to the classic bed: sofa bed, bed system and daybed

In addition to the classic beds (3), there is also a choice of alternatives that adapt to urban and multifunctional living concepts through their flexibility. Sofa bed and daybed (1) can be used as a seat during the day and as a sleeping facility in the evening. Perfect in the youth room, as a guest bed or for apartments with little space.

An extendable bed (2), like the "v" bed by Tojo, is adjustable in width and can therefore be perfectly adapted to the current life situation.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Variable-size beds are a lifetime purchase. They grow with you, from a single sleeper to a family bed, in which you not only cuddle up with your partner, but there is also room for children to visit at night. - Viktoria, furnishing expert

The same applies to stackable system beds (4), which provide additional sleeping space in seconds and can be stacked on top of each other to save space when not in use.

Sofa bed, bed system and daybed

5. Conclusion - this is what you need to consider when buying beds

  • The standard length of mattresses is 200 cm, while the width can be chosen between 90 cm and 200 cm, depending on the space required and life situation.
  • Canopy bed, box spring bed, futon bed or classic bed with head and footboard - the bed frame determines the look in the bedroom.
  • With accessories such as lighting, bedside cabinet, shelf or headboard, every plain bed can be designed according to personal ideas.
  • As an alternative to the classic bed, a sofa bed or daybed as well as extendable or stackable beds can also serve as sleeping accommodation.
Bed headboard 180 cm from OYOY in beige / dark blue

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