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Cushions - How to find the right decorative cushion for your home

Herringbone pillow from Vitra
  1. Cushion cover - materials and their properties
  2. Cushion filling - natural or synthetic filling?
  3. Size and shape - the right cushion for every application
  4. Combine cushions - ideas for your cushion arrangement
  5. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying pillows

1. Cushion cover - materials and their properties

The material of the cover of decorative cushions depends entirely on the intended use as well as on the desired appearance. Covers that are used indoors are often made of cotton and are distinguished by their classic look. The material is easy-care and pleasant on the skin. Wool or knit covers, on the other hand, have a cosy effect and lend warmth to the ambience. Felt cushion covers are particularly robust and simply repel dirt and moisture. If you like the retro style, the best choice is corduroy or velvet.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Cushions made of special materials, such as sheepskin, are a beautiful statement and particularly cuddly, but can only be seen as pure decorative cushions. If you really need a pillow to lean on or snuggle up every day, you'd rather use flat and densely woven pillowcases in unusual colours and patterns." Viktoria, furnishing expert

For outdoor use manufacturers such as Fermob, Skagerak and Weishäuptl on weatherproof materials. Upholstery fabrics such as dolan or barrier are made of acrylic or polyester and can withstand wind and weather. They are waterproof, UV-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. With outdoor cushions, also make sure that the cushion filling also tolerates moisture.

Barriere Oudoor cushion from Skagerak

2. Cushion filling - natural or synthetic filling?

The filling of the cushion depends entirely on the desired comfort. Feathers and down are best used for decorative cushions such as sofa cushions and cuddly cushions. They store the heat and make your home really cosy. Such a filling can also be washed. However, care should be taken to ensure that the filling is shaken regularly during drying so that the feathers do not stick together.

Synthetic cushion fillings made of foam or polyester wadding are somewhat cheaper to purchase and are also absolutely easy to care for as they can be washed at low temperatures. They also offer an advantage for allergy sufferers against materials of animal origin. A disadvantage of synthetic cushion fillings is the lack of heat storage and the use of non-natural resources.

3. Size and shape - the right cushion for every application

Sofa cushions and covers in square form usually have a standard size of 50 x 50 cm or 40 x 40 cm. Rectangular variants are often manufactured in the dimensions 30 x 50 cm or 40 x 60 cm. For each reference size you will find the suitable cushion filling in our shop.

Design pillows: the right size and shape

Rectangular cushion shapes are particularly suitable for placing on an armchair or bed. They take up the wide dimensions of the pieces of furniture and at the same time offer comfort for head and back. Square cushions, on the other hand, do not take up much space and can be easily arranged on a chair, for example, which thus gains in cosiness.

PUK cushion

Vitra - Home Sweet Home Cushion | Artek - Rivi Cushion Cover

Whether round cushions or square cushions, balls or other shapes - here only your personal taste decides. Note that decorative cushions in unusual shapes, such as the Knot Cushion from Design House Stockholm, are ideal eye-catchers, but not suitable for snuggling up.

4. Combining cushions - ideas for your cushion arrangement

Graphic and elegant in black and white
For those who don't like it too colourful and still want to set accents with cushions on the bed or sofa, the best choice is a black and white combination. At the same time, it is possible to play with eye-catching patterns and shapes at will, while at the same time maintaining a recognisable connection through the coordinated choice of colours.

Combine pillows

Color mix in pastel shades
If you want to combine several colours, it is advisable to choose one of the cushions as the "connecting piece", which contains all the colours of the ensemble. This creates a harmonious arrangement in spite of different materials, shapes and colours.

Expert tip "With cushions you can change the effect of a sofa and sometimes even the whole room in a flash. A restrained, monochrome sofa landscape with colourful cushions quickly becomes an eye-catcher. If you don't want to commit to one colour, you can adapt your colour concept to suit the seasons or your new favourite colour." Viktoria, furnishing expert

PUK cushion

1. Tom Dixon - Soft cushion | 2. Design House Stockholm - Knot cushion | 3. ferm Living - Loop cushion | 4. Hay - Dot cushion

Soft Minimalism tone-in-tone
For a soothing and uniform look in the living ambience, it is best to combine cushions in similar colours. The tone-in-tone combination in Soft Minimalism style creates a cosy atmosphere with a noble touch. Light patterns and structures on the cushion covers provide an additional eye-catcher.

Soft minimalism style cushions

Pattern and material mix in Boho style
Hippie flair in Boho style is created by a cushion combination in different colors and materials. The mix-and-match principle allows everything that pleases. However, in order to create a harmonious overall picture, colours and shapes should be reflected in the different cushions. Also a certain topic can be pursued: If you feel attracted to nature, for example, you can choose cushion covers in green tones or with floral motifs and combine them with natural materials such as skins.

Cushion: mix of patterns and materials

1. OYOY - Kyoto cushion | 2. Bloomingville – lambskin cushion | 3. AYTM - Sanati cushion

5. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying cushions

  • Pay attention to the material of the cushion cover and the effect associated with it: cotton is the classic and fits into any arrangement, felt is robust and natural, knitwear and fur ensure cosiness, cord and velvet spray retro flair.
  • You can choose between natural and synthetic materials for the cushion filling: Feathers and down are comfortable, store excellent warmth, are however somewhat more maintenance-intensive. Synthetic fillings, such as polyester wool, are easier to care for and more suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Large decorative cushions in rectangular shape are particularly suitable for sofas and beds, small square cushions can also be placed on narrow chairs and set cosy accents.
  • To underline your individual style, choose a cushion combination that suits you. Pay attention to a harmonious combination of colours, patterns and materials.

Cushions in the home design shop - Your advantages at a glance

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