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Fatboy - Lamzac the Original  Fatboy - Lamzac the Original from €74.50 *Sitting Bull - Paint Me Beanbag Sitting Bull - Paint Me Beanbag €119.00 *Fatboy - Beanbag Original Stonewashed Fatboy - Beanbag Original Stonewashed from €199.95 *Sitting Bull - Bamp Sitting Bull - Bamp from €55.90 *Sitting Bull - Chill Seat Sitting Bull - Chill Seat from €75.90 *Sitting Bull - Chill Seat Mini Sitting Bull - Chill Seat Mini from €55.90 *Fatboy - Original Beanbag Fatboy - Original Beanbag from €189.95 * 4.8 von 5Sitting Bull - Flex Sitting Bull - Flex from €239.90 *Sack it - Retro it Outdoor Beanbag Sack it - Retro it Outdoor Beanbag from €350.00 *Fatboy - Junior Beanbag Fatboy - Junior Beanbag from €135.00 *Sack it - Retro it Drum Outdoor Sack it - Retro it Drum Outdoor from €160.00 *Fatboy - Junior Beanbag Stonewashed Fatboy - Junior Beanbag Stonewashed from €149.95 *Zanotta - Sacco Beanbag Zanotta - Sacco Beanbag from €333.00 *Fatboy - CO9 XS Lounge Rabbit Fatboy - CO9 XS Lounge Rabbit from €299.95 *Fatboy - Beanbag Original Outdoor Fatboy - Beanbag Original Outdoor from €249.95 *ferm Living - Spear Floor Cushion 80 x 80 cm ferm Living - Spear Floor Cushion 80 x 80 cm €100.00 *Sack it - Retro it Indoor Beanbag Sack it - Retro it Indoor Beanbag from €267.00 *Sitting Bull - Checker XL Armchair - Outdoor Sitting Bull - Checker XL Armchair - Outdoor from €179.90 *Sitting Bull - Shell Armchair Sitting Bull - Shell Armchair €199.90 *Sitting Bull - Shell Armchair Mini -23% Sitting Bull - Shell Armchair Mini from RRP €69.90 €53.70 *Sitting Bull - Cube Sitting Bull - Cube from €35.90 *Fatboy - Buggle-up! Outdoor Beanbag Fatboy - Buggle-up! Outdoor Beanbag from €289.95 *Sack it - Retro it Drum Indoor Sack it - Retro it Drum Indoor from €134.00 *Fatboy - Jonge Beanbag Fatboy - Jonge Beanbag from €149.95 *Sitting Bull - Chill XL Sitting Bull - Chill XL €149.90 *Trimm Copenhagen - Felix Lounger Trimm Copenhagen - Felix Lounger from €368.00 *Sitting Bull - Checker XL Stool - Outdoor Sitting Bull - Checker XL Stool - Outdoor from €65.90 *Sitting Bull - Checker XL Armchair - Outdoor Sitting Bull - Checker XL Armchair - Outdoor from €199.90 *Sitting Bull - Checker XL Table Sitting Bull - Checker XL Table €89.90 *Sitting Bull - Shell - Outdoor Sitting Bull - Shell - Outdoor from €199.90 *Sitting Bull - Shell Pouf Sitting Bull - Shell Pouf €79.90 *Design House Stockholm - Fields Stool Design House Stockholm - Fields Stool from €395.00 *Sitting Bull Apple Bean Bag Sitting Bull Apple Bean Bag €159.00 *Vitra - Bovist Pouf Vitra - Bovist Pouf from €585.00 *Softline - Fluid Lounge/ Beanbag Outdoor Softline - Fluid Lounge/ Beanbag Outdoor €434.00 *Vitra - Mochi Pouf Vitra - Mochi Pouf from €659.00 *

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Beanbags - from rebel to style icon

Beanbag or Seating Cube: The Insides are the Most Important

1968 in a small Italian village: The architects Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro and Piero Gatti couldn’t get accustomed to their parents’ furnishing. It was too old fashioned, too boring and too conservative. They wanted seating furniture that looked inviting and invited to relax. The idea of the beanbag was born. A material for the casing was found quickly. The choice for the filling material, however, proved to be more difficult. Chestnut leaves, sand, leaden balls, water, tennis balls - nothing met the young men’s demands. Eventually, they found their solution in small polystyrene balls, colloquially called styrofoam. In 1969, the Sacco con Grani, the bag with grains, celebrated its premiere at the Paris fair. Today, many other designers in addition to Cesare Paolini and co. design comfortable, flexible chairs that provide a license to relax. The result: an extensive selection, from seat cushions with EPS filling to XL textile armchairs - even beanbags for outdoors are available.

Seating cubes in our interior design shop – your advantages at a glance

The Beanbag: From Rebel to Style Icon

In the 70s, the beanbag was especially popular with teenagers and students. The older generation couldn’t really get accustomed to them, but over the years the beanbag has become socially acceptable. For good reason! Because this piece of furniture adapts perfectly to your body, no matter what position you take. And the seat cushion relieves and supports the back and spine. The first models of the seating furniture consisted of a plastic sheet and canvas. Today, the choice of materials is much bigger. Easy-care PVC, cotton, leather, polyester and many more. And a lot has changed in terms of filling material. Many beanbags now rely on the hypo-allergenic material EPS. An example: the Checker XL from the manufacturer Sitting Bull. Young ones don’t want to miss out on what grownups love. That’s why there are also beanbags for children. They are smaller and adapt better to their bodies. With the Sacco small, the traditional manufacturer Zantotta offers a miniature version in the style of the larger model.

Outdoor Enjoyment for Young and Old

Beanbags are not just for couch potatoes. In recent years, the trend is towards ‘outdoor living rooms’ as far as the weather allows it. And it’s clear that the beanbag needs to be a part of it.
With the Fatboy Beanbag Original Outdoor, you can have a fine relax outside. After a rain shower, its waterproof fabric can simply be wiped dry.

Would you like to buy your beanbag online? Your favourite beanbag will arrive safely and within a few working days to your home!

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