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Guest Bedroom

Design your guestroom so that it says: “We're so glad you're here”. Create a temporary home for your loved ones.

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Guest Bedroom: Ideas for a Warm Welcome

The guest bedroom is not just a room in which your guests will sleep, it is also their home away from home for the duration of their stay. When we welcome guests into our home, it is important to make them feel as comfortable as possible. With high-quality furniture and accessories, you can create an inviting room to relax in. Discover creative ideas on how to tastefully set up your guest bedroom here.

Flexible Furniture for Your Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom only offers limited space, so it needs to be furnished wisely. For weekend visitors, the room doesn't necessarily need to have a bed. Few apartments have enough space for that. Instead, use a stackable bed: the amount of space used is less than that of a traditional bed, but it is just as comfortable. Transform it into a double bed, single bed or a sofa simply by stacking the structures and re-arranging the cushions. Another interesting alternative is the sofa-bed. In the blink of an eye, your seating area can be transformed into a comfy bed. Complete the sleeping space with a small bedside table and a reading lamp.

Why not also offer your friends the possibility to store their personal things. For garments, a clothes rack or wall hooks are enough to hang the most important pieces.

For your Favorite Guests: All Kinds of Guest Room Decor

Design the guest bedroom in a simple yet cozy way. Choose a uniform color scheme for the walls and furniture and round it off with colorful accessories in the form of cushions, bedding or images. A fresh bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to show that you put time and effort into welcoming your guests. Placing it in a stylish vase enhances this effect while also providing a feel-good atmosphere.

If family comes to visit during the holidays, why not surprise them with some seasonal decorations in the bedroom. A small porcelain rabbit for Easter or fir branches over Christmas will help set the mood.

Let yourself be inspired and create an inviting decor for your relatives and friends thanks to our diverse guestroom ideas.

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