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Design mirrors - how to find the right mirror for your home

Vitrail wall mirror from Magis
  1. Mirrors: shapes, sizes and the perfect height
  2. Which mirror for which room?
  3. Conclusion

1. Mirrors: shapes, sizes and the perfect height

For a long time now, mirrors have no longer only served to look at one's own appearance, but can also function as a versatile decorative element in a room. Mirrors are now available in numerous shapes, sizes, colours and with various functions to suit every ambience.

Whether square standing mirrors, round wall mirrors, mirror cabinets, with shelf or wardrobe element - mirrors combine functionality and aesthetics in a special way.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Mirrors are a great way to create a wall, especially in small rooms. They adapt perfectly to their surroundings through reflection and generate more light through reflection." Viktoria, furnishing expert

If it is a wall mirror, the height of the attachment is decisive for one's own observation. Basically you can remember: If the height of the mirror is 60 cm or less, it is recommended that it be suspended with the centre of the mirror at eye level. If the mirror height is more than 60 cm, 1/5 to 1/3 of the mirror should be above the eye line.

PUK mirror

2. Which mirror for which room?

Are the cap and scarf in place? Is the hairstyle the same as it was a few minutes ago? Before leaving the house there is usually a short check-up in the hallway. The fewest people therefore want to do without a corridor mirror. Often the hallway is only small and has no windows: therefore, larger models, also in the form of full-body mirrors, can be used here, which make the room appear more spacious. The combination of several mirrors also provides a great eye-catcher and makes the room appear larger.

The VertiMirror wall mirror from Verti Copenhagen over a white sideboard

Mirrors with a 2-in-1 solution are also particularly practical in the hallway. For example, you can use a mirror/mirror wardrobe combination, such as the Pulpo - Miro mirror/mirror wardrobe, which securely stows jackets and coats. Mirrors with integrated shelves, on the other hand, offer space to store keys and wallets within easy reach.

A bathroom without a mirror is hard to imagine. Here we do our hair, shave and style for the day. The most practical feature in the bathroom is a mirror that also offers storage space for cosmetics and care products. Mirror cabinets such as the Ba.Belle mirror cabinet from Opinion Ciatti , in which the modules can be arranged individually, or the cabinet module with mirror glass from String are just two of numerous mirror variants with integrated cabinet element.

Ba.Belle mirror cabinet by Opinion Ciatti

The storage space does not necessarily have to be locked with a door. Also mirrors with small shelves at the bottom, like the Normann Copenhagen - Horizon mirror or the Cubiko mirror from Umbra , offer space for the toothbrush and the most necessary cosmetic products.

Cubiko mirror shelf in black from Umbra in the bathroom

Mirrors with integrated lighting provide sufficient light for the morning routine. They provide light exactly where it is needed and also create a stylish lighting atmosphere in the bathroom. The La Plus Belle light mirror from Flos or the Estiluz Circ LED wall lamp with mirror are ideal for use in the bathroom, for example.

If you also need a small cosmetic mirror, a table mirror is the right solution. It can be placed on a shelf in the bathroom and easily transported to the nearest light source if required. Table mirrors with magnification effect, tilt option and additional shelf for jewellery and cosmetics are often available.

Normann Copenhagen - Flip mirror

Where is the outfit controlled for the day? That's right, in front of the bedroom mirror. Therefore, it is also important that this has a sufficient size to consider itself completely in it. Full-body mirrors, whether suspended from the wall, leaned against or free-standing in the room, are the right choice here. Mirrors with an integrated wardrobe are also an advantage in order to hang up the outfit ready to hand for the next day. The Club mirror wardrobe by Schönbuch can be placed freely in the room and thus functions as a decorative element. At the same time, hangers can be suspended from the horizontal clothes rail.

If you use a full body mirror that is only leaned against the wall, you have to pay attention to a height of at least 170 cm so that you can see yourself completely in the mirror and the distortion does not appear too extreme when the mirror is tilted.

Club mirror wardrobe by Schönbuch in oak natural oiled

Living area
Mirrors in the living room do not necessarily have to be oriented towards one's own viewpoint, but may function as pure decoration. The focus is on shapes and colours and can be individually adapted to the furnishing style. Coloured mirror glasses, such as the Vitrail wall mirror by Magis or the Studio Roso mirror by Fritz Hansen , for example, create an interesting lighting atmosphere in the room and appear almost like a painting on the wall. Smaller mirrors can be arranged like pictures on the wall and can also be combined with posters or framed photos as part of a collage.

PUK Mirror

3. Conclusion

  • Mirrors open and optically enlarge the room. The smaller the room, the larger the mirror may be.
  • For mirrors up to 60 cm high, the line of sight should be half the height of the mirror. If the mirror is higher than 60 cm, 1/5 to 1/3 of the mirror height should be above eye level.
  • In the small hallway, mirrors with integrated wardrobe or shelves combine several pieces of furniture in a practical way.
  • Mirror cabinets with sufficient storage space for cosmetics are particularly suitable for bathrooms. In addition, a mirror with lighting is practical for the daily morning routine.
  • In the bedroom, a full-body mirror is an advantage, combined at best with a wardrobe solution for the current outfit.
  • In the living room, mirrors can be arranged in different colors and shapes like pictures on the wall. Only the decorative aspect counts here.
Framed mirrors on the living room wall

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