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Design cupboards - this is how you find the right model for your home

  1. Cabinet types for each room
  2. The material
  3. Conclusion

1. Cabinet types for every room

The cabinet is a piece of furniture that should not be missing in any home. Because designer cabinets not only look good, they are also used to stow items that you don't necessarily want to show open, dust quickly or require dark storage. Even objects without decorative character that you need but don't want to see all the time are best kept in a designer cupboard.

HK Living - Webbing closet

Classic cupboard/wardrobe (1)
As the name suggests, a designer wardrobe is primarily there to store clothes, accessories and shoes. Therefore, its typical place is the bedroom or children's room. In the entrance area, too, wardrobes can act as a wardrobe replacement. A closet in which hangers are to be hung must be at least 50 cm deep, since hangers have a width between 36-46 cm.

Showcase (2)
Showcases are a special cabinet shape due to their transparent doors and are suitable for all objects that you want to showcase but want to protect against dusting, such as dishes, books or home accessories. Depending on the content, showcases are best used in the dining, living or guest room.

Tall cabinet (3)
Thanks to their stylish designs, tall cabinets are perfect for everything you don't want to show but want to stow away decoratively. In addition to dining, living and guest rooms, their classic locations are the hallway or the office.

Closet (4)
Similar to the tall cupboard, the wall cupboard is a particularly nice storage option for things that not everyone should see immediately. The decisive difference is that the wall cabinet is attached to the wall, which - in addition to the same locations as for the tall cabinet - also makes it suitable for the children's room.

The different interior layout can favor different uses and make a closet, for example, the ideal shoe cabinet in a chic design.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors “To store clothes, it doesn't always have to be the classic wardrobe. Especially in children's rooms, closets have the advantage that they look airy and light, you can expand them as needed and fit them anywhere. Since most of the items of clothing are stored folded on the floor, it does not necessarily have to be a cabinet depth of min. 50 cm.” - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Cupboard systems
For all those who cannot commit themselves, cupboard systems are the right choice. Because these are particularly flexible and adapt to any room and any use. In addition, they can always be expanded and converted.

2. The material makes the cabinet design

Design cabinet material

The material is particularly decisive for the look of a designer wardrobe: with a classic wooden wardrobe, you choose a sturdy and durable storage space miracle that is particularly timeless and fits into any room design.

You are absolutely on trend with a cabinet with braided inserts. The semi-transparency gives these cabinets an airy and light character and also finds a place in the living room next to showcases and sideboards.

A cabinet in the mix of materials with its different haptics, structures and light reflections, such as wood in combination with metal, is particularly exciting. Such a mixture is usually very robust and insensitive. In combination with sliding doors or roller doors, this variant is the perfect choice in narrow passages.

3. Conclusion - that you should consider when buying a designer cabinet

  • While the classic wardrobe with its large storage space is perfect for storing clothes, accessories and shoes, tall and wall cabinets are a particularly decorative variant to give a place to everyday small things. With its transparent doors, the showcase is a special type of designer chest of drawers that is perfect for staging books, memorabilia or dishes.
  • With a cupboard system, it is very easy to adapt the piece of furniture to any room and to expand or remodel it as you wish.
  • Design cabinets get their special character from their material. While wood is timeless and robust, natural weaves are particularly popular. Cupboards with a mix of materials, on the other hand, appear modern and exciting.

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