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Clothes racks are often considered rather a necessity than a chic living accessory – and in this respect, they are greatly undervalued. Carefully selected valet stands are able to enhance any room they're in, giving it character.

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Hay - Loop Stand Coat Rack  Hay - Loop Stand Coat Rack from €199.00 *Menu - Towel Ladder Menu - Towel Ladder from €409.95 *Roomsafari - Leanon Coat Rack Roomsafari - Leanon Coat Rack from €198.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Toj Coat Rack Normann Copenhagen - Toj Coat Rack from €310.00 *Nomess - Dress-Up Coat Rack Nomess - Dress-Up Coat Rack from €235.00 *Stadtnomaden - Kammerdiener Clothes Rack Stadtnomaden - Kammerdiener Clothes Rack from €29.00 *Schönbuch - Sticks Coat Rack Schönbuch - Sticks Coat Rack €361.00 *BeDesign - Lume Coat Stand BeDesign - Lume Coat Stand from €287.00 *ferm Living - Herman Clothes Rack ferm Living - Herman Clothes Rack from €199.00 *Bonaldo - Tree Clothes Rack Bonaldo - Tree Clothes Rack from €328.50 *Swedese - Tree Coat Stand, wall-mounted Swedese - Tree Coat Stand, wall-mounted from €419.00 *Frost - Bukto C Clothes Rack Frost - Bukto C Clothes Rack from €289.00 *side by side - TimTom Coat Rack side by side - TimTom Coat Rack €135.00 *Frost - Bukto Ladder Frost - Bukto Ladder from €319.00 *Phos - Take One Coat Stand Phos - Take One Coat Stand €500.00 *Swedese - Tree Coat Stand Swedese - Tree Coat Stand from €585.50 *ClassiCon - Mandu Valet Stand ClassiCon - Mandu Valet Stand €490.00 *Cascando - Lean-On Coat Stand Cascando - Lean-On Coat Stand from €28.50 *Zanotta - Sciangai Coat Rack Zanotta - Sciangai Coat Rack from €607.00 *Frost - Wishbone Coat Stand Frost - Wishbone Coat Stand from €489.00 *Zanotta - Aster Coat Rack Zanotta - Aster Coat Rack from €357.00 *Auerberg - "Servant" Coat Stand Auerberg - "Servant" Coat Stand €195.00 *Radius Design - Radius 1 Clothes Rack Radius Design - Radius 1 Clothes Rack from €149.00 *ClassiCon - Nymphenburg Coat Rack ClassiCon - Nymphenburg Coat Rack €1,850.00 *Andersen Furniture - Clothes Rack Andersen Furniture - Clothes Rack from €249.00 *ClassiCon - Saturn Hall Stand ClassiCon - Saturn Hall Stand €1,490.00 *Gufram - Cactus Gufram - Cactus from €4,480.00 *Mox - Tris Coat Rack Mox - Tris Coat Rack €475.00 *Baleri Italia - Bloom Coat Stand Baleri Italia - Bloom Coat Stand €3,058.00 *Magis - Paradise Tree Hall Stand Magis - Paradise Tree Hall Stand €516.50 *Fritz Hansen - Coat Tree Fritz Hansen - Coat Tree €1,027.00 *Cappellini - Hangman Clothes Rack Cappellini - Hangman Clothes Rack €1,368.50 *Magis - Four Leaves Clothes Rack with Umbrella Stand Magis - Four Leaves Clothes Rack with Umbrella Stand €499.00 *Artek - Clothes Tree 160 Artek - Clothes Tree 160 €821.00 *Cascando - Tree Coat Rack Cascando - Tree Coat Rack €712.00 *Cascando - Twist Coat Rack Cascando - Twist Coat Rack from €891.00 *

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Normann Copenhagen - Toj Wardrobe

Clothes Racks: Round, Square or Shaped as a Rail

Numerous designers consider it a challenge to design things we use every day – including textile stands and clothes rails. Manufacturers like Nomess Copenhagen are completely committed to creating storage objects and are searching for functional and stylish solutions in this area. It is their aim to develop design pieces that would serve not only as a storage place, but also as home decorating accessories. This is why there are clothes racks which do more than just hold coats.

The entrance area with its versatile form – small corridors or spacious but rarely used halls – needs a lot of attention when it comes to the furniture. The selection of a valet stand can already change the whole appearance: a coat stand is able to improve small rooms and can fill big and empty halls. There are many models available.

Fritz Hansen designed a practical, round clothes stand which looks like a tree – the hooks are reminiscent of branches. The valet stand from the manufacturer Cascando looks like a lamp at the first glance. Under the lampshade are the wardrobe hooks, so all in all it looks like a very special piece. Small rooms, on the other hand, need a small and functional coat rack like the "Diener" (Servant) coat stand by Auerberg.

How you use the Kammerdiener clothes rack by Stadtnomaden is up to you – leaned against a wall or folded like a cube. It will gratefully store your clothes regardless.

Those of you who prefer to hang clothes on a rail instead of a hook will like Hay. The Loop Stand coat rack is available in different widths, so that it fits both in small and in big rooms. Side by Side also offers a clothes stand with a rail under the name “New Hang On”.

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