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Umbrellas in the interior design shop

Umbrella: Withstanding bad weather with Design

With the right umbrella it is possible to go for a walk even in the worst autumn weather. The best thing is that design doesn’t have to stop here. On the contrary - the principle "form follows function" also counts for umbrellas. With our umbrellas you don’t need to worry and you can go outside in the rainy landscape and enjoy some fresh air.

Umbrellas in the Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages in the Overview

The History of the Umbrella

The umbrella shares its origin with the parasol. Already in the ancient Egypt women used umbrellas as fashion accessories to protect their skin from the sun. In the Renaissance, the lace or pagoda umbrellas were the constant companions of noble women. At a later point, umbrellas for gentlemen, which were also used as walking sticks, came into fashion. The first indication that an umbrella was used as protection against bad weather, has been found in the 17th century. The first industrial attempt for an umbrella was the now famous ‘Knirps’ (folding pocket umbrella) in the 20th century. Since then a lot has happened in terms of umbrellas. Today, there is the pocket umbrella, the conventional umbrella, automatic umbrellas and children’s umbrellas.

Umbrella: Which design suits you best?

The pocket umbrella is the small version of the conventional umbrella. Its stick is flexible and extendable. This is especially handy if you want to carry the umbrella as a constant companion in your handbag. Through its flexible stick, the small umbrella however is less stable. So, for those who need to go outside during stormy weather should go with a conventional umbrella. It has a sturdy stick and stable cross bars. For example, the MoMA Collection Sky umbrella links the conventional umbrella with design. When looking up while holding the umbrella, you will see a bright blue sky. Automatic umbrellas can be opened with one hand. A screw compression spring acts as opening aid, which is activated by pressing a button. Automatic umbrellas are available both as a long umbrella or collapsing pocket umbrellas. Children’s umbrellas are smaller in diameter, so that they are easier to hold on to. They also feature additional safety precautions, such as large reflectors, for example.

Senz Umbrellas: Design vs. Weather

The Senz umbrellas feature their special aerodynamic shape. They look at any time autonomously for the best position in the wind. Even during the strongest storms, the umbrella is comfortable to hold on to, even at a wind force of 10 or nearly 100 km/h wind speed (by the way: wind force 10 means that trees collapse).

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