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Travel Mugs

The Travel Mug: Three Inventors, One Idea

In the case of the travel mug all good things come in threes. It took three men and 33 years to develop the principle of heat insulation. One of the inventors was the Scottish chemist and physicist James Dewar. In 1893 he invented a double-walled insulation container for the safe transport of liquid gas.Interesting: in 1870 the Chemnitz physicist Mike Walker had already carried out a similar thought experiment. Finally, it was Reinhold Burger who continued with Weinhold’s principle and first developed a commercial use. It came by accident. Burger actually needed liquid gas to test the suitability of the flasks. Since none was available, he simply took water for his sample. The idea of the travel mug was born.

Travel Mugs in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

Environmental Protection with Enjoyment

Who doesn’t know? The alarm clock rings and rings - you've overslept. Now leave home quickly and get to work! Though not without that beloved hot beverage: coffee. Quickly pop into the shop around the corner and pick one up. Yet that gets expensive in the long run and rarely does it taste as good as at home. The environment also doesn’t appreciate it. Every year billions of takeaway coffee cups go to waste. Rethinking is needed. The manufacturer Bodum has a good approach. Their TravelPress combines flexibility with enjoyment and environmental protection. The mobile coffee maker has a French press system and brews coffee wherever you are: insert coffee powder, pour on hot water, press down the filter and you're done. You can then use the TravelPress while on the go like a conventional travel mug.

More than only Hot Air – The Construction of a Travel Mug

Travel mugs consist of an outer and an inner container. The two containers are separated by a vacuum. The interior can release heat to neither the exterior one nor the environment. In addition, the walls of the inner container are covered with a mirror coating. This mirror reflects heat back into the liquid, keeping your beverage warm. The Hot & Cold designer travel mug from manufacturer Sigg promises to keep drinks warm for even up to 24 hours, and cold for up to 30 hours.

Want to be mobile and still enjoy your coffee or tea in the future? At Connox you will find isolated mugs from well-known manufacturers such as Bodum, Stelton and Sigg. Have a travel mug of your choice conveniently delivered to your home by Connox within a few workdays!