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Design coat hanger - how to find the right model for your home

  1. How to find the right size for your hangers
  2. Design hangers and their shapes
  3. Which material for your hangers?
  4. Conclusion

1. How to find the right size for your hangers

The appropriate hanger size is based on the size of the clothes you want to store. This is important because it will prevent your clothes from losing their shape and wrinkling less. The right size shirt hanger will help your shirt stay snug against your shoulders even after hanging in your closet for a long time.

For adults, designer hangers come in a width of 36 - 46 cm, and the following is recommended:

  • size (XS/S): hanger width 36 cm
  • size (S/M): hanger width 38-40 cm
  • size (M): underwire width 40-42 cm
  • size (L/XL): underwire width 43-46 cm
Find the right size for hangers

Children's hangers start at a width of 25 cm. You can find the right hanger size based on the child's body size:

  • up to size 92 cm: hanger width: 25 cm
  • size 92-116 cm: hanger width: 28 cm
  • size 116-146 cm: underwire width: 30 cm
  • from size 146 cm: underwire width: 36 cm
How many hangers fit on a clothes rail

Expert tip "By the way: Do you wear a lot of shirts and blouses and are you planning to rearrange your wardrobe? Then you can assume that about twenty to thirty hangers fit on one meter of clothes rail."

2. Design clothes hangers and their shapes

Design coat hanger in different shapes

Clothes hangers are available in a wide variety of designs - whereby each model has its own advantages and is sometimes particularly well suited to certain items of clothing:

  • simple-minimalist shape (1): The classic purist hanger is suitable for all types of outerwear and is also popular in wardrobe areas.
  • with pronounced shoulder support (2): Blazers, coats and jackets are given more form support at the shoulders by these hangers.
  • with bar (3): Models of this type are the optimum trouser hangers. Because with a bar and anti-slip coating, the trousers hang securely and there is no pronounced crease on the trouser leg. However, clothes hangers, which have a bar for trousers - or alternatively scarves - as well as strap holders/notches are also practical, so that you can hang skirts, dresses, shorts, tops and the like securely without them slipping. Prerequisite for this are only loops on the clothing.
  • with notch (3): Dresses, skirts, tops - with loops - get a secure hold on these hangers regardless of an anti-slip coating.
  • with hook (4): These hangers are particularly practical as additional hanging option for scarves, ties, belts - for more order in the wardrobe.
  • with clips: Garments without loops - especially skirts and trousers - can be stored safely in the wardrobe in this way.

3. Which material for your hangers?

The right material for hangers

Depending on what you want to hang and where, different hanger materials are recommended:

  • Clothes hangers made of wood (1) are particularly robust and also support heavier garments such as winter coats and jackets well. In addition, they are often decorative, which also makes them well suited as coat hangers.
  • Metal coat hangers (2) are especially space-saving and therefore well suited for the personal wardrobe. Moreover, they are usually as sturdy as wooden hangers.
  • Padded hangers or hangers with anti-slip coating (3) are very useful for fine materials/garments. They also prevent creases in blouses and dresses made of fabrics such as silk or chiffon.
  • Plastic hangers (4) have a low own weight and are like metal hangers space-saving. They are usually available in sets and are easy on the wallet.
What material should a clothes hanger be made of?

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors Since open clothes rails are increasingly being used in bedrooms or dressing rooms, it is advisable to look for high-quality and uniform hangers. In this way, you can bring a little calm to an often visually busy area and increase the value of the garments in a simple way. - Viktoria, interior design expert

4. Conclusion - what you should consider when buying designer clothes hangers

  • Whether it's a shirt hanger, trouser hanger or coat hanger - the right clothes hanger size is always based on the clothing size for adults and the body size for children.
  • The width of coat hangers can be between 36 and 46 cm and starts at 25 cm for children.
  • From plain minimalist shapes to models with a bar, notch, hook or pronounced shoulder hold, to hangers with extra clips : there are many different shapes, often particularly well suited to a particular garment.
  • There is also a wide choice of materials for hangers: while hangers made of wood are particularly decorative and robust, hangers made of metal save space, padded hangers or hangers with an anti-slip coating are gentle on your clothes and plastic hangers on your wallet.

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