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In our digital age, which gave birth to numerous E-books, E-readers and Tablet PCs, printed books still play an important role. The current trend reveals parallel use of printed and digital editions, depending on the situation, book genre and other circumstances. Those who prefer E-books mostly bid on their saving qualities. However, if you prefer traditional books, you surely appreciate the way they look, feel and smell, and keep them on a shelf for decorative purposes. That's right! A suitable bookcase lets you arrange your favourite books into a beautiful composition. And if you position your shelves correctly, they can even save space. Discover the broad range of bookshelves available at our design shop. Get inspired!

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Bookshelves Which Collect Stories Can Also Tell Them

Books are much more than simply a reading material. They are associated with cosy evenings on a couch, bedtime reading before turning the lights off, entertaining train rides, and, most importantly, knowledge. The books you read reveal your personality, and your bookshelf presents them to the world. There is hardly anything more beautiful than standing in front of a full bookcase and looking at all the books in it – some of them barely touched, while others read over and over again. You can tell how often the pages were turned and whether these books were read while drinking a cup of coffee or lying in a bathtub. Bookshelves collect all these stories.

The bookshelves at our interior design shop also can tell some stories. Every single one of them has a name, unique characteristics and a history. It has character. Designers from around the world have considered various book storage possibilities, putting a lot of thought into their function and form and creating individual objects as a result. You can read their stories on corresponding product pages.

Choosing the Right Bookshelf

In order to choose a shelf that suits you and your home, you should consider several questions. Into which room are you planning to put the shelf? How much space does it provide? Are there any niches, inclined walls, floor strips or other features which should be paid attention to? What colour and style do other pieces of furniture in the room have? Is there a specific budget? Your answers to these questions provide the framework for making a right decision. Within this framework, you can choose the perfect bookshelf!

The modular shelving system by String, which consists of boards and ladder-like side panels, is a true design classic. It is available in different colours, including natural ones, and can be individually adjusted in height, width and shape to fit into to the space available at your home. And you should also take a look at the Hochstapler wall-mounted shelving system by Tojo – it offers as much space as your books need.

The Paperback shelving system by Spectrum and the Conceal book holder by Umbra are truly unusual bookshelves. Discover many more exceptional designer shelves: a wall shelf that consists of different-coloured boxes, large wooden shelves connected by flexible steel brackets, or organic modular containers which, when combined together, not only create a retro-looking bookshelf, but also can serve as a room separator. Indeed, bookshelf design knows no limits.

An invisible bookshelf saves space and inevitably draws everyone’s attention. The manufacturers Haseform, Radius Design, umbra and linea1 offer such specimens – both vertical and horizontal.

Bookshelves in Our Design Shop – Your Advantages at a Glance

Would you like to buy a bookshelf online? Let us conveniently deliver it straight to your home. Delivery time varies depending on products’ availability in stock. Precise information about this is provided on individual product pages.