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Shelving Units

A shelving system offers new possibilities for a perfect use of any surfaces in your rooms. Shelving systems are available in different designs and have limitless expansion options. The individual design of the shelves transforms every system into a unique piece and gives an unmistakable charm to your rooms. Shelving systems create space in a unique way thanks to their adaptation and expansion possibilities and can improve the appearance of your home. The selection of modular systems is virtually unlimited. Browse our offer of shelving systems and get inspired by our ideas!

Shelving Systems – Original and Individual

Shelving systems are versatile and correspond to your demands. Especially when there isn’t much space, you will need creative solutions. The individual expansion of a system is the reason why it can be usefully installed in corners and alcoves. Shelving systems don’t only serve to store books, they can be also used as room dividers or as parts of walk-in wardrobes. The shelving system by String is very versatile and expandable. The lateral, ladder-like wall panels and single shelves which can be expanded with more parts form its base. The shelf can become a wardrobe by adding a sliding door, and it can also serve as an office table by introducing a worktop.

Shelving Systems – Colour, Form and Material

Shelving systems primarily serve as storage and presentation areas for objects we own. The shelf itself is often only a background figure, despite its potential to become the main character. Wood is the most-used material for the production of shelves, but some other materials like steel and iron are just as attractive. Shelves made of solid wood or MDF conjure comfortable flair in every room. Designers like to use woods like oak, pine and bamboo for the production of shelves and combine materials like wood and metal. The combination of such materials results in a minimalistic and timeless design. Shelves made of metal look light and add an unmistakable industry-charm to the place where they stand.

A modular shelving system can also impress with form and colour – not only with its material. Muuto designed such an individual shelf: Stacked. The three different sizes are freely combinable and expandable in order to produce the shelf you need. The storage compartments of Stacked are made for different sized objects and accessories and are available in different colours.

Which Requirements Should a Shelving System Meet?

Half-height or full height, on the wall, over a corner or as a room divider? Ask yourself this question before you decide to buy a new shelf. Keep in mind the room it will be used in. Which purposes you will buy it for and your personal taste regarding colour are important factors to consider when shopping for shelves. The big advantage of a shelving system is that it adapts to every home situation. By expanding it with different elements, a shelving system can be quickly and easily transformed and adapted to your individual needs.

Which Shelving System for Which Room?

Shelving systems which are fixed on walls are suitable for slim or small rooms. They make it possible to use the space under the shelf. Bigger shelves are suitable for bigger rooms. These are ideally suitable as room dividers. The big advantage of modular shelving systems is that they adapt to every room situation. Individual expansion of shelves makes them perfectly suitable for almost every living room and allows them to sensibly use the smallest niche.

Shelving Systems in the Interior Design Shop – an Overview of Your Advantages

Find a large assortment of wall shelves in the Connox interior design shop. Be inspired by the selection of high class furniture and choose your personal favourite shelving system!