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Buy table cutlery online: this is how you find the right cutlery

  1. Table cutlery vs. serving cutlery
  2. Cutlery at a glance
  3. Laying cutlery correctly
  4. Cutlery set - the right size
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Material and colours
  7. Care
  8. Conclusion

1. Table cutlery - what is it actually?

Table cutlery is cutlery with which food is eaten. Table cutlery is set for each person at the table.

In contrast, there is the serving cutlery , which is used for serving and portioning food, for example. This includes salad servers, cake servers and knives, sauce spoons, jam and honey spoons or sugar spoons.

2. Table cutlery at a glance

Classic cutlery consists of a knife, a fork with four tines, a soup spoon and a teaspoon .

There may also be a small dessert or cake fork with three prongs. The left tine of the cake fork is usually wider and more stable, so that it is easier to cut a cake by pressing on it.

Other cutlery at a glance

Butter knife : Knife with a smooth edge and rounded tip, which is often widened. This makes it suitable for picking up butter and spreading it on a slice of bread.

Fish knife : Knife with a wide blade without a cutting edge. The blunt knife allows fish to be cut up without cutting the bones. Alternatively, two forks are used.

Fish fork : Fork with four more widely spaced tines and a short but wide front section. This allows the liquid to drain from the fish more easily.

Lattelöffel : Long-handled teaspoon for stirring drinks served in narrow, tall glasses.

Steak knife : Knife with a narrow, sharp, pointed blade that curves slightly upwards. The blade, usually 12 cm long, is also available with a serrated or serrated edge. In this way, the steak meat is not torn when minced, but cut.

3. Laying the cutlery correctly

When setting the table, the question arises of how to lay the cutlery correctly. You will find an exemplary cutlery arrangement in the following graphic.

Laying cutlery correctly - an exemplary cutlery arrangement

1. Menu fork | 2. Menu knife | 3. Soup spoon | 4. Teaspoon/ dessert spoon | 5. Fish fork | 6. Fish knife | 7. Cake fork | 8. Bread knife | 9. Dessert fork/ starter fork | 10. Dessert knife/ starter knife

When eating, cutlery is used from the outside in . For this reason, the cutlery should be laid out in such a way that the parts that are used first are on the outside.

The soup spoon is used with the right hand and goes on the right side of the plate (3). The knives are also used with the right hand and therefore also belong to the right of the plate (2, 6, 10). The cutting edge is placed towards the inside of the plate.

The forks are placed on the left (9, 5, 1) with the tines facing upwards. Outside the left row of cutlery are the bread plates and knives (8).

The cutlery for dessert is placed above the plate (7, 4). The cake fork is placed with the handle to the left and the handle of the dessert spoon to the right.

Giro cutlery set from Alessi

4. Table cutlery set - scope and size

How many pieces does a cutlery set consist of?

Depending on how extensive you want to serve, the more cutlery is needed. For a menu with several courses, more cutlery is set accordingly.

In the basic version a 4-piece cutlery set for one person consists of a knife, a soup spoon, a fork and a teaspoon . A 5-piece set also includes a dessert or cake fork.

How many pieces are there in a cutlery set?

Choose the size of the set according to the number of people . Ask yourself how often and for how many people or guests the cutlery is intended.

For 4 people, choose a 16-piece set. A cutlery set for 6 consists of a 24 or 30 piece set and is the option if you have a manageable circle of family and friends. If you like to invite guests and serve several courses on holidays, choose a cutlery set for 12 people, which contains 48 pieces . Alternatively, you can buy two sets of 24 pieces.

Generally, cutlery sets from a series can often be extended with individual products at a later date , as is the case with the cutlery from the mono-a collection .

For children there are extra cutlery sets for children , which are adapted to the small hands of children.

5. Ergonomics

In addition to the look, good handling is important. The cutlery should lie well in the hand , so that you have a firm grip. In addition, the cutlery should be well balanced in weight and not too light or too heavy.

Good cutlery has no sharp edges - it must be deburred, sharp edges already removed during manufacture. Only the knife blade should be ground thin to sharpen the edge.

6. Material and cutlery colours

Before buying, pay attention to the design of the existing tableware, so that on the set table the tableware and cutlery harmonize well .

Stainless steel cutlery is one of the most popular materials. Cutlery made of stainless steel, silver and titanium is timeless and noble and does not go out of fashion.

Cutlery in gold or rosé adds a glamorous highlight to the table setting.

Citterio 98 Table Cutlery by Iittala

Design cutlery that is matt, brushed or hammered implements boho chic as style on the dining table.

Black cutlery makes a statement on the table and represents a simple, clear and sober design.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Cutlery in gold or black enhance the everyday table setting or make plain white crockery look glamorous. Unusual cutlery colours can equally complement handmade tableware in an exciting way." - Viktoria, interior design expert

7. Care

A good quality cutlery set does not have to be saved for special occasions, it can be used for everyday use. Everyday cutlery should however be dishwasher safe and robust .

Pay particular attention to the marking : This should always be 18/10 for stainless steel cutlery . Then the stainless steel consists of 18% chrome and 10% nickel and is therefore dishwasher safe, rustproof and tasteless . High quality cutlery pays off.

Tip: To further prevent flash rust, a piece of aluminium foil can be placed in the dishwasher.

Make sure to take out and dry the cutlery after washing it in the dishwasher. A Cutlery tray is used to neatly store and keep high quality cutlery.

8. Conclusion

  • The basic set for one person consists of a knife, soup spoon, fork and teaspoon. A 5-piece set also includes a dessert fork or cake fork.
  • You choose the size of the set according to the number of people. For 4 people, choose a 16-piece set. The standard cutlery set for 6 people consists of 24 pieces. And for 12 people, choose a 48-piece set.
  • The cutlery should be comfortable to hold and the weight should be balanced for a secure grip without exerting force.
  • Especially for everyday cutlery, the choice should fall on cutlery made of 18/10 stainless steel, then the material is dishwasher safe and rustproof.


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