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Menu – Beer Foamer  -83% Menu – Beer Foamer, copper RRP €44.95 €7.80 * 4 von 5Hay - Bottle Opener  Hay - Bottle Opener slim, gold €13.00 *Magisso - Self-cooling Wine Cooler  Magisso - Self Cooling Wine Cooler, black €60.00 * 3 von 5Hay - Bottle Opener  Hay - Bottle Opener wide, anthracite €13.00 *Essey - Cactus Toothpick Holder essey - Cactus Toothpick Holder, green €25.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Whisky Glass Normann Copenhagen - Whisky Glasses, set of 2 €40.25 *Menu - New Norm Wine Breather Menu - New Norm Wine Decanter Carafe €69.95 *Black + Blum - brrrrr Polar Bear Black + Blum - brrrrr Polar Bear €14.00 *Joseph Joseph - Quicksnap ice cube tray Joseph Joseph - QuickSnap Ice Cube Tray, blue €14.99 *Joseph Joseph - Quicksnap ice cube tray Joseph Joseph - QuickSnap Ice Cube Tray, green €14.99 *applicata - Luna Tray applicata - Luna Tray, ∅ 28cm, oak €69.00 *Magisso - Self Cooling Ice Bucket Magisso - Self Cooling Ice Bucket with tongs, black €70.00 *Eva Solo - Serving Tray with Handles Eva Solo - Serving Tray with Handles, black €89.95 *Höfats - Johnny Catch Magnet Bottle Opener Höfats - Johnny Catch Magnet Bottle Opener €19.95 *Vagnbys - Wine Decantiere Vagnbys - Wine Decantiere / Decanting Pourer €49.95 *Menu - Wine Breather Deluxe Menu - Wine Breather Deluxe, gold €79.95 *Stelton - Collar Cocktail Shaker & Mesuring Cup Stelton - Collar Coctail Shaker 500 ml / Measuring Cup 2 & 4 cl €79.95 *Rosendahl - Grand Cru Whisky Glass Rosendahl - Grand Cru Whisky Glasses, set of 4 €22.95 * 5 von 5Areaware - Bottle Opener Areaware - Bottle Opener, walnut wood natural €25.00 *Schott Zwiesel - Pure Whisky Glass Schott Zwiesel - Pure, Whisky Old Fashioned €8.50 *Menu - Wine Breather Deluxe Menu - Wine Breather Deluxe, stainless steel €79.95 *Zwiesel 1872 - Hommage Comète Whisky Glass Zwiesel 1872 - Hommage Comète Whisky Glass, large €32.50 *Stelton - Serving Tray Stelton - Serving Tray Ø 33.5 cm €119.00 *Umbra - Sombrero Juicer Umbra - Sombrero Juicer , 1/9 Asst, green €5.00 *Menu - Selection Wine Gift Set (2 pcs.) Menu - Wine Gift Set Selection - 2 pcs. (Decanting Pourer & Vacuum Seal) €44.95 *Georg Jensen - Sky Measuring Cup Georg Jensen - Sky Measuring Cup, 3 cl / 6 cl, stainless steel €20.00 *Menu New Norm Wine Breather + New Norm Cool Breather -36% Menu - New Norm Wine Breather + New Norm Cool Breather RRP €139.90 €89.00 *XLBoom - Zen Tray XLBoom - Zen tray medium, white €56.00 *A di Alessi - Corkscrew Anna G. A di Alessi - Corkscrew Anna G., red €42.00 * 4 von 5Eva Solo - Ice Cube Cooler with Serving Spoon Eva Solo - Ice Cube Cooler with serving spoon €79.95 *A di Alessi - Corkscrew Anna G. Alessi - Corkscrew "Anna G.", chrome €75.00 * 4 von 5Suck UK - Key Bottle Opener Suck UK - Key Bottle Opener €12.95 *Take2 Design - Chapeau!  Bottle Opener Take2 Design - Chapeau! €4.90 *XLBoom - Zen Tray XLBoom - Zen tray, small, coffee bean €56.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Basic Wine Stopper Normann Copenhagen - Basic Wine Stopper, bronze €26.75 *Joseph Joseph - BarWise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener Joseph Joseph - BarWise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener, blue €14.99 *

Carl Mertens - Sensitive vessel Balance

Bar Supplies - The Right Equipment for your Bar

Being a bartender for one night and having your own bar: What is a dream for many, does not have to remain one for you. But the furnishing of a bar raises many questions: Which bar supplies do I actually need? What are certain products good for? Which material is particularly suitable? Find the most important information about bar accessories & bar tools at one glance and buy directly online.

1. Bar Supplies: What You Absolutely Need
2. Purpose of Bar Accessories
3. The Right Material for your Home Bar Equipment
4. Handiness: The Top Priority for your Bar Tools
5. Bar Decor: A Question of Taste

1. Bar Supplies: What You Absolutely Need

A good bar offers a whole arsenal of bar accessories. The star of all bar tools is clearly the cocktail shaker. It ensures that the mixed drinks can unfold their seductive taste. In addition to this, a measuring cup (also called jigger), a bar strainer, a muddler and ice tongs are among the most important cocktail supplies.

Drinks that include hot beverages or coffee-based products often require a blender - a selection of high-quality products can be found in our kitchen appliances section.

If you would like to serve mainly wine, please have a look at our wine accessories section. You will find all the necessary information about the right bar equipment for a successful wine evening there.

2. Purpose of Bar Accessories

The Cocktail Shaker: The loyal companion of each barkeeper conjures up a finished drink from the various ingredients. The shakers differ in the individual parts and the material used. You must pay attention to...

  • Components: Which accessories are integrated in the cocktail shaker? Some shakers have a strainer to hold back ice cubes and fruit. Moreover, the lid of many cocktail shakers functions also as a measuring cup. If these components are not integrated, you will need an additional bar strainer and measuring cup.
  • Capacity: The capacity is also relevant for the cocktail shaker. Some cocktails consist of a lot of ingredients. A great shaker has the advantage that you can mix any beverage wit it.
  • Material: Another important criterion of the mixer is the material: It decides whether the cocktail shaker can be washed by hand or be cleaned in the dishwasher. Stainless steel products are dishwasher proof, whilst copper coated bar utensils should be cleaned by hand.
  • Handling: Many cocktails must be well shaken to unfold their unique taste. Therefore, it is necessary that the shaker fits your hand well.

The Measuring Cup: The measuring cup - or jigger - guarantees you an accurate dosage. This is very important because of the many ingredients some cocktails have. Sometimes even a small amount too much or too little influences the taste of your drink fundamentally. The measuring cup contains normally two different amounts: 2cl and 4cl.

The Bar Strainer: The bar screen serves on the one hand to keep away the foam, which is produced by the mixing. On the other hand, you can control the amount of ice and fruit in the glass.

The Muddler: Some cocktails - such as the world famous Caipirinha - need a muddler. This serves to crush fruits, spices or herbs in the glass, in order to release the flavors contained therein.

The Juice Press: Many of the tasty drinks are made with orange juice as a base, or require a dash of lemon or lime juice. Therefore, it is advisable to add a juice press to your bar equipment. Depending on the individual preference, you can choose between presses where the juice flows directly into the glass or pressing, in which the juice is collected in a container.
If you want to mix only a few drinks, the juice press, in which the juice flows directly into the glass, is particularly good - show effect included. If you want to make several drinks, we recommend one with which you can squeeze more juice directly and keep it.

Ice Bucket and Ice Tongs: Most cocktails are served ice cold. Keep the ice in an ice bucket. Ice buckets are made from a wide range of materials which have an insulating effect and thus store the cold and prevent the ice from melting too quickly. For reasons of hygiene, the use of ice tongs makes sense. It is also a good investment for your home bar supplies collection.

3. The Right Material for Your Home Bar Equipment

Regarding the material, you must pay particular attention to the following: Stainless steel and plastic products are generally dishwasher-proof and can be cleaned without hesitation. If your bar supplies are copper coated, as is the case with Plum Cocktail Shaker from Tom Dixon we recommend washing by hand.

4. Handiness: The Top Priority for Your Bar Tools

Hand in hand with the material goes the handiness of the individual bar accessories. Especially bar tools made of plastic are very light and therefore usually also easy to handle. Please pay special attention to the fact that your bar equipment lies good in your hand - it will make things easier when preparing the links later.

5. Bar Decor: A Question of Taste

The right bar supplies are always decor at the same time, so make sure you like your equipment. Through its optics it accentuates the room and expresses your own personal style. You have the choice: Choose between stainless steel products, which are characterized by their modern and minimalist design. Or grab the extravagant alternative and give your bar a classic elegant touch with copper-coated bar accessories.

Bar Supplies in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy bar accessories online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite one to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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