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Designer Tray: Accessory with Thousand Functions

In general, the main purpose of trays is to serve different things. Glasses, plates, and various dishes for your next meal can be transported on them. In most cases, handles on the tray’s side serve to carry it. But you’ll see. Those who think a designer tray is only suitable for serving, are wrong. Trays can do so much more:

1. A Tray to Cut on:

A separate cutting board for the cheese that goes with wine is not necessary. On Iittala’s

Aalto serving tray food is first prepared and then, the name suggests it: served. The wooden tray is available in different sizes.

2. A Designer Tray as Decoration

A designer tray is a beautiful decorative element. Objects are put in scene and displayed on it. An example: the Kaleido series by Hay are a piece of decoration even without additional accessories. They feature unique geometric shapes and are painted in soft pastel colors. The Kaleido as a set of trays is nice to stage thanks to the countless different colors, shapes, and sizes there are. Color is also the motto of the Mini Unikko tray, which beautifies every room with its typical Marimekko poppy flower pattern.

3. A Tray as Table:

Whether as a coffee table on the rug or between pillows and blankets as a bed tray - a larger tray is a good alternative to small side tables. The Fat tray by Alessi is the ideal partner for working on the ground with its spacious box and compartments under the tray plate. Everything finds its place in it – pens, paper, scissors, or yarn. If you like it more comfortable, the Overlap tray by Offi is the right one. With its curved shape, it fits easily over your legs and a blanket. A practical feature is the milled hollow for cups and mugs. This way, nothing’s in the way for breakfast in bed.

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