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Buying a child's chair: what you should consider before buying

  1. Areas of application
  2. Ergonomic sitting
  3. The right seat height
  4. Material and sustainability
  5. Conclusion

As soon as children take their first steps, they want to sit down, stand up and play on their own. With the right children's chairs and tables, you can support and encourage your child in this process.

1. Areas of application

Children's chairs at a glance

High chair for children

The High chair enables toddlers to sit at the height of the conventional dining table and participate in communal meals .

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "A high chair with flexible adjustment options is a long-time companion at the dining table, as it promotes stable and correct sitting for babies and even at primary school age allows children to find the optimal sitting position according to their height." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Depending on the model, high chairs are suitable for infants from around 6 months of age, but not before the child can sit independently and without assistance. A cover and seat cushions are particularly useful for toddlers. High chairs without armrests are only suitable from the age of 3 years.


Through seesaws, riding or rocking animals a part of the playground can be brought home. Particularly practical are models that take on a new function simply by being turned around. For example, the seesaw can be used as a chair when the child is of the appropriate age.

Classic children's chair

The classic chair is an addition to the play table. With the children's chair, it is essential to pay attention to the seat height , so that no incorrect sitting is taught. The following applies: sit lower rather than too high.

Particularly popular are children's seating groups , where children's chairs are supplied together with a table. These are suitable for painting, handicrafts or playing together with other children .

Children's stool or bench

Also children's stool or Children's benches are an addition to the play table. Stools or benches without backrests are only recommended for somewhat larger children who do not accidentally tip backwards.

Lounge furniture

In armchairs or lounge furniture, books can be viewed in a relaxed and cosy way. Different sitting positions are possible thanks to seating areas of different sizes and widths. However, this is not ergonomic and upright sitting, but rather inclined sitting. Alternatively, beanbags can also be used for this purpose. beanbags are also available for this purpose.

The Desert Chair Kids by ferm Living in an organically furnished children's room with play tent and cosy rug

Children's chair for the desk

Continuously height-adjustable chairs such as a children's swivel chair are ideal as desk chairs for schoolchildren. These are designed similarly to the adult models, only smaller. Theoretically, a classic children's chair can also be used, but the longer the child works at the desk, the more important it becomes to sit correctly.

Flötotto - Pro children swivel chair

Design children's chair: a classic in a small version

Unchanged design, compact size. Numerous well-known design classics are also available as children's chairs. So the children's room is in no way inferior in terms of design standards.

Design kids chairs - design classics in small

2. The right seat height

The seat height depends on the height and proportions of the child , i.e. whether the child has long legs or a long upper body, for example. You can use the following measurements as a guide, for example.

The right seat height for children at the table

3. Ergonomic sitting

Since correct sitting is very important, especially when the child is growing, the chair should be optimally adaptable to the child and grow with the child.

Ergonomic sitting

When sitting, the child's upper and lower legs should form a 90° angle (1). The thighs should rest on the seat (2), the backs of the knees should not touch the edge of the seat (3) and the knees and thighs should not come into contact with the table (7).

When sitting, the feet are placed flat on the floor (4) or on a footrest, as is the case with a child's high chair.

The forearms rest flat on the table surface and the shoulders are relaxed (5). The backrest supports the pelvis and shoulders (6).

4. Material and sustainability

Children's chairs can be made of wood (1), wickerwork (2), plastic (3) or metal (4), for example.

Children's chairs made of wood, wicker, plastic or metal

It is important that the children's chair is light , so that the child can push it back and forth as he or she wishes. When choosing, light materials such as plastic or rattan are recommended.

In addition, children's chairs should be easy to clean. Materials such as plastic or metal can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. If the children's chair is upholstered, then the upholstery should also be easy to care for and be made of felt, for example. Alternatively, the covers should be washable.

Wood and metal are characterised by their stability and durability. And made of aluminium, the children's chairs are even suitable for the garden.

Harmful substances and safety

Toddlers in particular discover many things with their mouths - they also lick and nibble on pieces of furniture. If the choice falls on children's furniture made of natural materials such as wood, then make sure that the wood is untreated. In addition, the surface should not have been treated with harmful varnishes.


Make sure that the products are manufactured sustainably. FSC-certified wooden furniture is sustainably produced, mostly low in harmful substances and is also characterised by its durability.

Choose furniture that grows with your child, is height-adjustable or pulls out , and can be used from infancy to childhood.
You can also take into consideration the place of manufacture. For example, products produced in Germany or Europe have shorter transport routes, which can reduce CO2 emissions.

5. Conclusion - what you should bear in mind when buying children's chairs online

  • The areas of application of children's chairs are varied: choose between classic children's chairs, desk chairs, benches, stools, lounge furniture, high chairs, riding or rocking animals.
  • The seat height depends on the height and proportions of the child
  • The chair should ideally be adaptable to the child and grow with the child.
  • Children's furniture made of plastic or metal is easy to clean, and any upholstery should also be easy to care for.
  • Light materials such as plastic or rattan are suitable so that the child can move the chair back and forth at will.
  • FSC-certified wooden furniture is produced sustainably and is usually low in harmful substances. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the surfaces of the wood are untreated.

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