areaware - Hand Hooks

Areaware - Grab Hand Dock Areaware - Grab Hand Dock €95.00 *Areaware - C’mere Hand Hook Areaware - C´Mere Hand Hook €95.00 *Areaware - Offer Hand Dock Areaware - Offer Hand Dock €95.00 *Areaware - iPhone Hand Dock Areaware - iPhone Hand Dock €95.00 *

Hand Hooks by areaware are different wall hooks and wall holders with the shape of human hands. The successful Hand Hooks series offers numerous variations: Whether to hold incense between thumb and index finger, with an open hand for accessories such as keys, coins or soap, with bent index finger as wardrobe hook, holding a cylindric vase in the hand or simply as a decorative artwork holding today’s technique with a picking hand. The Hand Hooks are eye-catchers with their charming design, instead of offering bare functionality.