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Design magazine holder / newspaper rack - so you can find the right model for your home.

  1. Assembly and staging
  2. Multipurpose functionality
  3. Material
  4. Conclusion

1. Assembly and staging of design newspaper stands

To find out whether a magazine rack for the wall, floor or sideboard is best for you, the basic question is what its function should be: Presentation surface, sorting aid or simply object for storage? The answer will determine the choice of the appropriate specimen.

Assembly and staging of design newspaper stands

on the floor: Normann Copenhagen - Analog Zetítschriftenhalter | OYOY - Maki magazine collector | on the wall: Umbra - Zina magazine holder | Frederik Roijé - Guidelines magazine holder | on the sideboard: Umbra - Hoop magazine holder | Konstantin Slawinski - SL26 Magazine Magazine House

Magazine racks on the floor (1 and 4) are ideal for storage and also do not require assembly: rather, it is recommended to place them generously on the floor. Since many models are also equipped with handles, you can always change their position. However, you should always take into account the weight of the unit.

Perfect for presenting your magazines are magazine holders for the wall (2 and 5). This way the covers can look like a picture wall. As a small collection point on the table, sideboard or shelf are perfect models that offer storage space and at the same time a small presentation area (3 and 6).

"Since magazines, journals and newspapers have a soft cover at most, they quickly get dog-eared or similar signs of wear. To counteract these, it is a good idea to either stack them with the spine visible, place them clamped or hang them. This can even create an attractive wall design." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Magazine holders and their design: multipurpose functionality or sense-bound

In terms of use, two different newspaper rack designs can be distinguished: While some are completely designed for one use, there are also newspaper stands that can be used elsewhere as multipurpose furniture (1 and 4), for example as a side table or stool. In addition, there are a variety of newspaper racks, which in their design language are reminiscent of boxes, chests and baskets and can therefore be used for storage, tidying and sorting as needed.

Umbra - Magino stool and magazine collector | Muuto - Restore storage basket | Artek - Kanto newspaper/firewood stand | Yunic - Tiny side table

Material: wooden magazine holder, metal Co.

A wide range of materials allows perfect integration of the small furniture into the existing interior. Here there are no limits to your personal preferences. The only thing to consider is the robustness of the material in terms of weight due to the number of magazines, books or newspapers. From coziness creating textile (1) and wood (2) to noble marble (3) and leather (6) to modern metal (4) and plastic (5) you will find every conceivable newspaper rack design at Connox.

Textile: ferm Living - Herman Magazine Holder | Wood: Skagerak - Norr Magazine Holder | Marble: Menu - Monuments Magazine Holder | Metal: AYTM - Curva Magazine Holder | Plastic: Koziol - Milano Magazine Rack | Leather: LindDNA - Magazine Holder M

Conclusion - what you should consider when buying a design newspaper rack

  • Whether a magazine holder for the wall, the floor or storage surfaces, such as a sideboard, is the right choice for you depends primarily on the desired function: Therefore, first answer yourself the question of whether the newspaper rack is to be used for presentation, sorting or storage .
  • Whereas wall-mounted newspaper racks, similar to a magazine rack in a kiosk, are primarily used for presenting, magazine racks that can be set aside primarily help to stow away and, depending on the design, also to sort.
  • Altogether can be distinguished between sense-bound newspaper stands and Mehrwegmöbel, which can be used for example also as stool or side table.
  • With the choice of materials you can find the perfect piece for your home. Whether newspaper holder made of metal, wood or textile - the choice is very large and there are no limits to their personal taste. Only the heaviness of the objects to be stored should you keep in mind with regard to the strength of the selected material .

Design magazine holder / newspaper rack buy online at Connox - your advantages at a glance

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Shopping advice at Connox
You want to buy design magazine holder/newspaper rack online, but need assistance? Feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We are here to help you with your purchase with advice and support, give recommendations and can quickly clarify questions. Let us conveniently deliver your desired item directly to your home.

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Magazine holder: multipurpose functionality or sense-bound
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Material: wooden magazine holder, metal & Co.
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