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Design kitchen roll holder - how to find the right model for your home

  1. The right size
  2. Ergonomics and handling
  3. Material
  4. Conclusion

1. Design kitchen roll holder: the right size

Standard sizes for utilitarian items often vary depending on the country of manufacture - and kitchen roll holders are no exception. Therefore, you should keep the following measurements in mind when buying a kitchen roll holder:

The conventional German size for kitchen rolls has a length of 26 cm and the diameter of the roll is about 11.5 cm. However, the diameter is highly dependent on the amount of kitchen towels on a roll and the number of layers, e.g. 2-ply or 3-ply. If you prefer jumbo rolls, make sure that the base is large enough so that the kitchen roll does not overhang.

Kitchen roll holder - the right size

2. Ergonomics and handling

Kitchen roll holders are mobile kitchen helpers that are not only used in the kitchen and for cooking, but also for cleaning. When transporting them, it is important to have a secure grip so that the paper roll holder does not fall out of your hand. From the classic knob (1) to a practical swivelling wooden handle (3) to leather (2) or metal loops (4), the options for handle design are very diverse.

Kitchen roll holder - ergonomics and handling

Particularly practical is a kitchen roll holder with roll-off stop, as this enables one-handed use.

3. Kitchen roll holders and their material

Whether kitchen roll holder for the wall or for standing - a wide range of materials allows the perfect integration into your kitchen. While stainless steel (4), marble (2) and leather (5) look noble but also cool, a kitchen roll holder made of wood (3) radiates cosiness. In contrast, plastic (6) is particularly light in weight. Powder-coated or painted metal (1) offers a wide range of colours and is stable and robust despite its filigree elements.

Expert tip Kitchen roll holders made of shiny metal - especially chrome-plated stainless steel - look very high-quality, but they also need to be wiped regularly with a damp cloth to maintain the look.

Kitchen roll stand and its material

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Anyone who attaches particular importance to a uniform look in the kitchen should go for a series article. In this way, kitchen roll holders can contribute to a harmonious overall look in the kitchen alongside spice mills, carafes and etagères." - Viktoria, interior design expert

4. Conclusion: what you should bear in mind when buying a design kitchen roll holder

  • The choice of kitchen roll holder depends largely on the kitchen roll used. German standard dimensions for kitchen rolls are: a length of 26 cm and a diameter of 11.5 cm. However, depending on the number of layers, this can also be larger.
  • Essential for safe transport is a good handle in the form of a knob, leather or metal loops or a swivelling handle.
  • Especially practical for one-handed use are kitchen roll holders with a roll-off stop .
  • The material of kitchen roll holders influences the effect and is decisive for the design: Models made of marble, stainless steel and leather look noble , whereas a kitchen roll holder made of wood provides a cosy atmosphere. A variant made of plastic is light in its own weight and metal enables filigree designs.
  • For a particularly harmonious style in the kitchen, you can choose your kitchen roll holder from the same series as other kitchen items.

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