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LindDNA makes home accessories and furniture from Danish wood and recycled leather. This creates outstanding designs that are simple and sensual at the same time.

Danish design with own signature

Scandinavian label LindDNA creates unique designs from Danish wood and recycled leather that will be remembered.

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LindDNA - Danish design and recycled leather

LindDNA is a Danish company based in Aarhus that makes home accessories and furniture from Danish wood and recycled leather. The brand is backed by chief designer, owner and company founder Preben Lind. The company values include aesthetic functionality, Danish production and good craftsmanship with sustainability as a key element.

The leather used at LindDNA comes from leather scraps left over from the production of bags, shoes and other garments. Cut into small pieces and then rejoined with natural rubber, the leather is an environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternative to conventional leather. Thanks to its 20% rubber content, the recycled LindDNA leather is particularly robust, water- and dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

Danish wood and durability

The rugged Scandinavian forests, in particular the Danish oak tree, are a recurring theme in LindDNA's designs. The oak offers a robust and hard wood that makes the designs strong and durable. Durability is very important to LindDNA and is at the forefront of every design.

It is the same with the wool or other materials. They all come from Denmark and are processed with the utmost care in local workshops. At best, each step is done by hand. This takes longer, but makes each piece unique and develops its own story in the creative process. At LindDNA, the label "Made in Denmark" is not a business strategy but a way of life.

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