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nanimarquina - Natural

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"The carpet is the soul of a home"

The carpet is one of the oldest living objects in existence. For centuries, the originally handmade and from natural raw materials extracted living textile has decorated our living space. With the Natural series, nanimarquina goes back to these origins.

Natural diversity

The company nanimarquina was founded in Barcelona in 1987 and has since then been dedicated to traditional carpet art. To express the beauty of this tradition and nature, the Natural Series of exclusively natural materials such as wool, silk, jute and nettle, which are lovingly woven by hand to create unique carpets.

Handicraft by tradition

Nanimarquina travels to countries where the carpet still has a special symbolic meaning and where the history of its origin and manufacture is interwoven with the cultural history of the country. With knowledge of traditional manufacturing methods and tools, each carpet is elaborately handmade.

Ecological, sustainable and social

In order to preserve the beauty of nature even further, nanimarquina relies on particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, such as the eco-washing of carpets with exclusively ecologically compatible cleaning agents from Eco-Sheen. Furthermore, the carpets are manufactured under the social framework of the Care & Fair Philosophy. This ensures that production is carried out without the involvement of child labour.

nanimarquina stands until today for unique carpet art from traditional handicraft. The unique pieces combine modern design with traditional carpet craft.


Inspiration: Nature!

The Spanish designer Nani Marquina about her collection: "The essential beauty of natural fibres connects us with the natural world. The fibres, of biological origin such as nettle and jute or animal origin such as silk and wool, have been specially chosen to create this carpet collection and reflect the diversity that nature has to offer.