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Functional & minimalist design

Form is a collection of minimalist and functional furniture by the Danish designer Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. The coordinated dining room furniture inspires with a clear design and functional details.

Long-lasting materials encounter a high quality finish. The timeless design of chairs, barstools and dining tables can easily be integrated into any interior.

The special feature of the collection is the exceptional connection between the seat and base. Using the plug connection, it seems as if the chair’s legs would literally "grow" out of the seating shell:

"I’ve developed a technique that allows the connections between the frame and seat to be a naturally integrated part of the design. The frame is secured by a single plastic mould, which makes it appear almost as if the frame is growing out of the shell. This gives the design flexibility and makes it possible to vary the frame in a great number of ways. Form Chair is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and design history. At the same time, it is entirely unique”

Handmade from natural wood and durable hard plastic and linoleum, the materials of the dining room furniture emphasise the high quality craftsmanship and its timeless appearance.