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Boxes can be found in every household and in every room. They are universal and bring order to any chaos. Boxes are often made of wood, metal or plastic. They are available in just as many different colors, so that they also fit seamlessly into your home. The storage boxes from Connox not only bring order to the chaos but are at the same time just as visually an eye-catcher in any room.

This is what you should consider when buying:
1. Types of boxes
2. In which rooms can you use crates?
3. Conclusion
4. FAQ

1. Types of boxes

Open crates

Open crates have the distinct advantage that you can directly see what is hidden in that crate at a glance. However, this advantage can quickly become a disadvantage if the crates are too full and the items stick out. Thus, these boxes are then not particularly vivid when viewed from the outside and the basic idea of order is lost.

Trinkets Baskets from Hay in a set of 3

So be careful not to make open costs too full, to continue to have an overview and maintain a tidy appearance in the room.

Boxes with lids

Boxes with lids are the neatest way to store things. Due to the fact that the boxes are closed, things can not stick out unsightly. The condition is that the boxes can be closed without any problems. Accordingly, the space in boxes with lids is limited.

In addition, it is not possible to guess from the outside what is inside the box. Either they use boxes made of transparent plastic or they label boxes that are not transparent. This saves important time when searching.

Furthermore, boxes with lids can be stacked on top of each other without any problems, even if they are possibly of different sizes.


Storage Toolbox with Wooden Dolls No. 1 from Vitra

Organizers are boxes that already contain inserts. They are especially popular in bathrooms, on dressing tables or even in the office. Due to the prefabricated subdivision, the most diverse things can already be pre-sorted and do not lie around loose in a large box.

Alternatively, there is also a range of inserts that you can subsequently add to existing boxes.

2. In which rooms can you use crates?

Storage room

When you think of crates, you might think of the storeroom or pantry. Using crates in these rooms definitely makes sense. With boxes in different sizes, you can bring so much order into the yet usually chaotic storage rooms.

Colour Crate Basket from Hay

Clear advantage is that you can see at a glance how it stands around the supplies and what may be needed. Use stickers to label the boxes accordingly. Likewise, items for daily use should be placed at eye level and at the front of the shelves so that they are always within reach.

But not only supplies find their place here. Tools, stowed away in a box, are also immediately at hand when you need them. So you never have to search long for a screwdriver or a pipe wrench again.


If you don't have a storage room in your apartment, you need all the more order and space management in the kitchen. A box also brings order inside kitchen cabinets. Just spices or individual teas can be sorted with an Organzier excellent and also present.

Children's room

The children's room is often the most cluttered. After an exhausting day of play, all the toys should be put away again. With open boxes, the little ones can help put away all sorts of things on their own from a very early age.

Paper Pulp Storage box from ferm Living

Use small boxes with carrying handles so that your children can take them independently, but also put them away again. This makes cleaning up directly more fun!

Living room

The living room is where you receive friends and family, a place of gathering and coziness. For this reason, you should use other storage boxes for this room as, for example, still for the storage room.

Restore Storage basket from Muuto

The boxes in the living room are not stowed away. On the contrary. A large box next to the sofa is the ideal eye-catcher and also practical. Stow pillows and blankets there when not in use. Alternatively, you can store and present magazines or books there.


A tidy and organized office has a direct impact on work performance. With smaller boxes or even organizers, you can skillfully store pens, sticky notes and paper clips and always have direct access to them.

Storage Box with a Lid by Skagerak

Likewise, you can stow away unsightly cables in boxes at the end of a workday to leave your workspace tidy.


The hallway is usually just a passageway. Nevertheless, it has an important function. It is where all items of daily use are stored. Keys, wallet, shopping bags and the dog leash all need a place where you can always reach and find them.

With a box on a sideboard, for example, you will never lose your keys. So you create a permanent place for the most important things in everyday life and never need to look for the key again.


Every year we also want to bring order back to our outdoor areas. The smaller the space, the more order is also needed here.

Boxes should of course be made of weatherproof materials in the outdoor area. Plastic, but also treated Holzze are ideal and can be selected depending on the interior style.

Inu Storage basket from Zone Denmark

Likewise, you can completely reinterpret crates in the outdoor area. Should you not need to store gardening gloves or fertilizer, closed crates also work great as planters for your flowers.

3. Conclusion

Crates come in all colors, shapes and materials. You should first think about the room for which you need the crate and what things will be stored in it. This will allow you to determine the style and size of the crate.

The material you also choose depending on the place of use or your interior style, so that it fits seamlessly into your interior.

The right crate brings order to your home on the one hand, but on the other hand is just as much an eye-catcher as other accessories. Set your new crate skillfully in scene.

4. FAQ

Which crates do I use best for my living room?

The boxes should match your interior style in terms of color and style. Since the boxes in the living room are used more as a decorative object, the overall look should be coherent. For example, drape pillows, blankets or magazines skillfully in a large crate.

I need more storage space in the kitchen. Which boxes are suitable for this?

In kitchen cabinets, you should preferably use standard formats, which then fit easily into the kitchen cabinets. Stackable boxes can also be used to store more things in the cabinets. Also, use transparent boxes to always directly see the contents at first glance.

What materials are suitable for outdoor use?

Should you use storage boxes on the balcony or terrace, resort to weatherproof materials. These are, for example, plastic or also weatherproof wood, which you can also re-treat yourself with glazes or varnishes.