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Hay glasses

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The glasses of the Danish company Hay implement the stylish time of the 50s and 60s in a contemporary and modern way. They are available in different variants, sizes and colors, so that they are in good hands in every household. Matching the Hay glasses, the Scandinavian manufacturer offers matching kitchen items, furniture and accessories.

Discover together with us the world of Hay glasses and the stylishly implemented mix of modernism and the 50s and 60s.

We show you the diverse world of Hay glasses

1. Hay history and philosophy
2 .Hay glasses and their many possible combinations
3. Conclusion
4. FAQ

1. Hay history and philosophy

The Danish company Hay was founded in 2002 and is characterized by a new, modern interpretation of the 50s and 60s. At Hay, the old masters are not copied, here young, international and emerging designers develop the new products and give the diverse range of Hay a special, Scandinavian character.
Hay produces functional everyday objects with particularly stylish elements. This is also how the philosophy of the Danish company can be derived: Functionality must dominate every product, so also the Hay glasses. In addition, Hay wants to reach a large audience with its assortment.

The Tint wine glasses from Hay

Come with us on the journey of the wonderful, colorful Hay glasses and their possible combinations.

2. Hay glasses and their many possible combinations

Whether drinking glass or wine glass, Hay has designed the right glasses for every home.
The glasses of Hay are super for your own home or also perfect as a gift. They come in many different variations, sizes and colors. From the classic transparent drinking glass to the colorful, bright drinking or wine glass.

The Sip drinking straws and Tint drinking glasses from Hay

Through the many variations, the Hay glasses can be ideally combined in any home. Hay has designed many more kitchen utensils, but also accessories and furniture. Due to the modern and stylish implementation of the Danish manufacturer, the Hay glasses can of course also be individually combined with other product lines, so that they always radiate a cheerful character.

Tavern drinking glasses from Hay

3. Conclusion

Hay stylistically implements the needs of modern life with a mix of the 50s and 60s colorful, but also simple and elegant. Thus, the glasses and product lines of the Danish manufacturer should not be missing in any household and offer a cheerful look to everyone at home.

4. FAQ

Are there different versions of Hay glasses?

Yes, there are many different variants of Hay glasses, so they can be perfectly combined with each other.

What kind of glasses are there from Hay?

There are drinking glasses in different sizes, wine glasses, cups, storage glasses and carafes.

Which glass is best suited?

In principle, the glasses are suitable for different purposes. Due to the variety of colors, there is a suitable glass for every kitchen and color decor.