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Sofas with sleep function

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Especially in small rooms and apartments, multifunctional furniture such as sofas with an integrated sleeping function are particularly popular. The limited space is thus used as effectively as possible.

We show you what to look for when buying sofas with a sleep function:

1. The sofa bed as an all-round talent
2. Choosing the right size
3. Choosing the right material
4. Which variant is the right one for me?
5. Conclusion
6. FAQ

1. The sofa bed as an all-rounder

Sofas with a sleeping function are a practical way to save space. Their compact size makes them perfect for small apartments or rooms. They can easily be transformed into a comfortable bed for two people, and many models are equipped with storage space underneath.

The Roots sofa bed from Karup Design in a minimalist room

The popular 2in1 furniture can be used as a comfortable couch for watching TV, reading and chatting during the day. In the evening, the sofa then becomes a bed for guests or yourself.

2. Choose the right size

When choosing the size of a sofa with a sleep function, you should consider several factors. How much space do you have in the designated room? The sofa should be chosen neither too large nor too small, so that it also works in the appropriate size of the room.

Lubi Daybed by Softline in light grey

It is equally crucial for which room and occasion the sofa bed will be used. If you need the sofa with sleep function exclusively for guests and it is also in the often smaller guest room, you may need a smaller sofa bed. If you want to use the sofa bed as a bed, you may need to choose a larger version, depending on how many guests you want to sleep on it.

3. The choice of the right material

Sofas with sleeping functions, just like beds or sofas, are available in a wide variety of materials. With the wide choice should also consider some aspects.

Firstly, the material should of course visually complement their existing interior style and not create a break.

The Indie Sofa bed from Karup Design as a comfortable bed

Sofas with sleep function made of textile fabrics have a pleasant feel. Velvet fabrics in particular are considered to be especially comfortable and soft against the skin. Natural fibers are considered particularly breathable, whereas synthetic fibers are especially durable.

Sofa beds with leather or in leather look are very noble and high-quality. Cleaning is also easier than with textiles. However, leather and also synthetic leather require more care.

4. Which variant is the right one for me?

Pull out sofa beds

The advantage of a sofa bed with an extendable part is that it can be used both as a sofa and as a bed, without having to move it. This type of sofa does not require extensive conversion, so it can be turned into a bed in no time.

Sofa beds with storage space

Many people are looking for additional storage space - especially in small spaces. Sofas with a sleep function and storage space offer the perfect solution here.

For example, blankets, pillows or sheets can be stored under the seat or in a drawer. So everything is neatly tidied away and ready for immediate use when needed.

Folding sofas with sleep function

In folding sofa beds, the backrest, as well as usually the armrests, are folded down to create a flat sleeping surface. This type of sofa is especially suitable for small spaces, as it can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

Sofa beds with slatted frame

A sofa bed with a slatted base offers many advantages. Firstly, the air between the mattress and the sleeper can circulate better, which has a positive effect on sleep. In addition, the slatted frame prevents the mattress from sagging.

5. Conclusion

A sofa with a sleep function is a practical and space-saving solution for small apartments or rooms. When choosing the right size and material, you should consider several factors.

6. FAQ

How much does a sofa with a sleep function?

The price of a sofa with a sleep function depends on several factors. These include the size, material and design of the sofa.

How can I build a sofa with sleep function?

Usually, the sofa is assembled in a simple way with screws or rivets. However, in some cases it may be necessary for you to have the sofa with sleep function assembled by a professional.

How do I clean my sofa with sleep function?

It depends on the material of the sofa. Leather or imitation leather, for example, can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Textile fabrics should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller. In addition, there are also special upholstery cleaners that are suitable for different materials.