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Stelton Ashtray made of Stainless Steel

The Design Ashtray: Accessory for the Smoking Culture

With the discovery of the new world in the 15th century, the tobacco came to Europe. From the very beginning the ashtray is a natural utensil in each social round in which people smoke. That’s why, for 600 years, there is also the small bowls, which catch the ashes and which have been adapted to the varied needs of changing times again and again.

The Right Ashtray - What to Keep in Mind when Buying:

1. Requirements of Use
2. Form
3. Material & Care
4. Price
5. Masterpieces

1. Requirements of Use: Design Ashtray - The Modern Design for Every Need

The ashtray catches the ashes and butts of cigarettes and cigars and keeps them as odour-free as possible. The construction of the design ashtray depends on individual needs of the table. Ashtray with lid are made for the use in the home. The cover prevents the escape of odours of the cooled ashes. Design ashtray for outdoor are designed for the garden round in the fresh air. The ashtrays for outside are usually larger than normal table ashtrays and have wind protection by their sturdy lid, or by their shape. If a table ashtray is self-extinguishing, the material smothers the glow of a cigarette or cigar.

The common ashtray is round and has several round holes on the edge. These provide space for the placing of burning cigarettes or cigars depending on the size. Ashtrays for pipe smokers have a high elevation in the middle on which the pipe is knocked off. Many design ashtrays are composed of two parts: a top bowl and a bottom pot. On the top bowl you can set aside the glowing smoke good and, while the ash is kept in the bottom pot trying to keep the odour in it. As a result the fragrance in the room remains free of the smell of cold ash and also smothers the glow by blocking oxygen delivery. Also ashtrays with lid ensure that the cold ashes emit no odours and extinguish the embers of the stubs by itself.

2. Form follows Function

Modern ashtrays are restrained and above all very functional in their design. Most are round, since they are meant to stand on a convivial table. Every smoker should be able to easily reach the ashtray from his position and easily use it. They are usually purist and kept very simple; many have a fold function and are composed of several parts, which serve the practical handling.

3. Material & Care: Large and Resistant or Small and Flexible

Design ashtray for outdoors are usually heavier and larger and made of weather-resistant materials. On the one hand they can withstand more wind and weather to make sure that the ash is not blown out. On the other hand, outdoor ashtrays must take a lot of ashes and butts since usually many smokers use the ashtray outdoors. Design ashtrays for outdoor are therefore primarily designed with an self-closing lid. The beautiful ashtray for the coffee table, however, plays with design ideas, materials and colours that are suitable for indoor areas. Here the emphasis is laid upon the easy cleaning of a design ashtray or that it is made of a dishwasher-resistant material, for example.

Ashtrays need to withstand heat and embers in a safe and consistent way. That’s why they need to be made from high-quality materials. Heat-resistant ceramic is a material proven over the centuries. Noble white ceramic having a simple appearance, has been used for modern design ashtray. Ashtrays with tilting mechanism and lids are often made of stainless steel. Design ashtrays made of stainless steel are not only heat-resistant, but also durable and suitable for the dishwasher. Modern design ashtrays in unusual shapes are made from heat-resistant and durable melamine plastic. Also this material is easy to clean.

Where to empty the Ashtray?
Only after the last embers are extinguished, the ash bucket can be emptied. To protect the environment, the cooled residues are not to be emptied into the toilet. They belong in the non-recyclable waste.

How do you get the Ashtrays clean again?
For the cleaning of ashtrays, lemon, vinegar and salt have proved as natural resources, as well as glass cleaners, oven cleaners and scouring agent. Apart from cleaning, lemon and vinegar ensure that the smell of cold ash is bound. An old cork, which is dipped into salt water is ideal to remove stubborn stains.

4. Price: Here Design has a moderate Price

In the lower price segment, already very beautiful pieces are offered which meet all required criteria of handling while in the middle price segment there are already noble designer objects available. Designer ashtrays in the high-priced segment will already be made of very fine material or include the design classics, to justify its price.

5. Masterpieces

You can buy design ashtrays online and get for example an Alessi ashtray of stainless steel for your living room. The Alessi Spiral Ashtray is composed of a small shallow spherical bowl and an inner spiral acting as cigarette tray in stainless steel. Alessi impresses once again with a simple but brilliant idea.

The ashtray with lid by Rosti Mepal made of melamine plastic also consists of two parts. The top part is the lid, in which you can put the cigarettes and the second part is the accompanying bottom which takes up the rests in an odour-free attempt.

The Carl Mertens - ashtray Caldera made from stainless steel follows the same principle. Its lid has a conical shape, where the remains just slip through into a hole in the tank.

The ashtray MB 23E by Tecnolumen is a historic Bauhaus designer piece made from polished stainless steel in a pure and handy form. You can tilt the lid to drop the residues into the bottom tank.

A big exception in the usual design is the Cubo ashtray by Danese with its rectangular shape in two sizes for cigarettes or cigars. The ashtray made from melamine plastic that looks like a high box with slot where the residues can be dropped, is available in black and white.

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