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Bags: Not Just Something for Travelling

With the word ‘bag’ the first thing you think of is probably the loyal ladies’ accessory: The handbag. But bags are much more. Now men have discovered bag trends for themselves. Used in the household, designer bags ease everyday life. When carrying heavy loads while shopping or sorting and storing personal belongings they help structure daily life. Be inspired by our selection.

Bags no Household Can Do Without

Shopping Bag: The stylish version of a plastic bag is a shopping bag. But the shopping companion does not only look good, it protects our environment too. The annual global plastic bag consumption is estimated at one billion bags, only 90 percent of which ends up in landfill. The rest of the bags pollute the environment and oceans, and if uncollected remain there for 100 to 500 years. That’s how long plastic needs to decompose. For example, the energy consumption for the production, distribution and disposal of Stelton's Shopper bag is equivalent to the energy value for the production of 5.23 conventional plastic bags. Of course it can be used for many years, in contrast to plastic bags.

Toiletry Bag: A toiletry bag is something like a small bathroom for travelling. Both men and women need some cosmetics daily. So that you don’t go without when travelling and stay hygienic, we have various cosmetic bags. The appropriate model can be found for every demand. While a woman tries to bring order to the chaos of her makeup across many different compartments, for men it’s important to find a space-saving model. A great example of a toiletry bag for men and women is the Toiletbag by reisenthel. It has multiple compartments and a hook you can use to attach it to a towel holder or similar.

Tablet Bag and Laptop Bag: Whether in the office or going to university or school - a laptop should always be transported carefully. If the bag looks nice, you score double points. You can bring the laptop or tablet safely from A to B and additionally have an exceptional bag you can enjoy. The Undercover Laptop Sleeve by Luckies looks like a conventional envelope yet is a solid foam construction with a rugged outer shell that protects your laptop from bumps and water. Particularly practical: Because your laptop travels incognito, thieves aren't tempted.

Travel Bags: When travelling a small bag is out of place! Travel bags need particularly ample storage space. However, that is not a reason for foregoing nice accessories or trendy bags. Travel bags are able to meet all of these criteria and are still practical. Variants of leather are just as robust and durable.

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