Office and warehouse work next to each other. THe office concentrates on the assortment in the shop and the warehouse team on the orders and their delivery to you.

A team sharing your passion for home design…

Connox lives from the fresh air given by young, motivated people in the company. Starting in 2005 with only one employee, the company was enriched with new faces along the years. The team includes more than 40 employees today: among them are regular members of staff as well as diverse temporary staff members and apprentices. They are design-experts, art historians, marketing and office trained, IT specialists and stock staff. We work to offer the best-possible shopping experience for you.

We concentrate on home accessories and furniture design, study the work and life of namely designers and select their best works for our assortment. We want you to be able to shop comfortably and safely at our shop, we answer your questions and pack thousands of parcels and we are glad about your feedback.

Customer service

The colleagues of the customer service take care of your emails, answer your questions and advise you when you’re furnishing your home. You can reach them between 8am and 6pm on working days via +49 (0)511 300341-0 or via email via


Our design experts of the product management department concentrate on home accessories and deisgn furniture, they , study the work and life of namely designers and select their best works for our assortment. They also fill our shop pages with detailed product descriptions and original and detailed pictures.


The purchasing department orders our products before we run out of stock. This is how we’ll have a big part of our assortment in stock all the time. Most of the items are therefore in your hands one or two days after you ordered them. The purchasing department closely works together with all the distributers and manufacturers of the goods we offer.


The employees of the marketing department take care of the home design blog, they keep in contact with the press, inform you about news and offers with newsletters and they create and develop the Connox catalogue (only available in German). The ConnoxPlus members (only for German customers), cooperation partners and bloggers are also in good hands of the marketing colleagues.


Our logistics team organises the commissioning and further processing of the parcels you ordered. The team works for the goods to arrive at your place without damages and as fast as possible. This is how all of the orders placed before 15 pm that are in stock will be shipped on the same day in order to arrive at the customer’s place on the following day (if he lives in Germany). The tight cooperation with different forwarding companies is the reason why we are able to send parcels to the world.


The colleagues of the bookkeeping department keep the commercial process fluent. The whole invoices-processing belongs to their field of responsibility. This is how they also ensure that your vouchers are considered when you place an order.

IT – our Quillo GmbH

The IT specialists of the Connox GmbH programmed our shop system « EC Suite ». The modular client server software is the central system we work with every day. The colleagues of the IT department develop our shop continuously, they adapt our shop to the changing demands of the market. They are the reason why your data is in good hands at Connox: The newest safety standards are immediately realizable. Our IT department became a subsidiary of 100% and is named Quillo GmbH since September of 2014. The growing number of demands for the “EC Suite” is the reason why it became independent.

Our own offspring

We also train apprentices since 2008 for the following professions every year:

  • Merchant for office communication,
  • Merchant for marketing communication,
  • Information scientist for system integration and
  • Information scientist for application development.

Find out more about us and visit us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, where we inform about employee portraits and interviews. Look at Instagram or Pinterest for a glimpse behind the Connox scenes. And as soon as there is a job advert, you will find it on Xing and Linkedin (German pages).

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