David Weeks

Areaware - Cubebot Areaware - Cubebot, medium €38.00 *Areaware - Micro Cubebot Areaware - Cubebot, micro, beech €13.50 *Areaware - Micro Cubebot Areaware - Cubebot, micro, multicolour €13.50 *Areaware - Cubebot Areaware - Cubebot, small €25.00 *areaware Wooden Creatures - Hanno the Gorilla Areaware - Wooden Creatures Hanno the Gorilla, large €125.00 * 5 von 5areaware - Wooden Creatures - Ursa the Bear Areaware - Wooden Creatures Ursa the Bear, small €115.00 *areaware - Wooden Creatures - Hattie the Elephant Areaware - Wooden Creatures - Hattie the Elephant €235.00 * 5 von 5e15 - MR B e15 - MR B €196.00 * 5 von 5e15 - BIG B e15 - BIG B €149.00 *
David Weeks

David Weeks creates lamps and furniture as well as thought and functional household objects and accessories in his design studio. Flowing forms and balanced movements characterize his designs.

Whether for his lamps, products for the table of children’s toys, David Weeks continuously feels himself committed to classic handicraft cultures and the ideals of democratic design. David Weeks is the founder of the Wooden Creatures that are a great example for Weeks’ design with its amazingly realistic forms and the numerous poses.

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