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Herbert Krenchel

Herbert Krenchel

Herbert Krenchel was born in Denmark in the year 1922. He graduated with a Master of Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Herbert Krenchel’s research focused on materials and fibre reinforcement. Since the 1950es, simultaneously with his research, Herbert Krenchel has worked with design. The enameled Krenit bowl won de golden medal at the 1954 Milan Triennale.

In the year 1953 Herbert Krenchel founded his own Design Office where he also designed the famous Krenit Bowl in the same year, for the Danish company Torben Ørskov & Co. In the middle of the 50s Krenchel designed the melamine salad servers. Since 2008 a new design of the Krenchel Krenit bowls is produced by Normann Copenhagen.

The designer’s philosophy says: “I am excited about shapes and structures. The surface on a design object is important because it makes people want to reach out for it. I also believe that there has to be a balance between function and aesthetics. A good design must therefore contain more than one aspect to make the perfect overall impression. My inspiration comes from several things surrounding me – it can’t be explained. For me design is a way to express yourself – it’s a way to create things just the way you want it.”