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FDB Møbler - Ildpot Tableware

FDB Møbler - Ildpot Tableware

Innovation meets clever reduction: the Ildpot tableware from FDB Møbler

The Ildpot dinnerware is a new edition of the iconic stoneware dinnerware series by FDB Møbler. The dinnerware is suitable for the oven and grill as well as the freezer and microwave. Furthermore, it captivates with its natural stoneware surface and the detail-reduced design, which immediately shows its careful production. In addition to the cooking and baking dishes, the series also includes drinking cups, plates and serving bowls, which impress with their look as well as their durability and resistance.

"Food is in the fridge..."

In the 1970s, the Ildpot Series of was hailed as a completely new type of cookware in Danish households. Prior to this, women had entered the workforce, changing the way food was cooked and served. The products in the Ildpot series could be taken directly from the freezer to the oven and then to the dining table. This made dinner preparation both easier and more manageable. The renowned Danish designer and architect Grethe Meyer was behind the design.