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Foscarini - Caboche

Foscarini - Caboche Lamp Series

Lamp Series with Reflective Lampshade

The idea behind the Caboche lamp series by Foscarini came from looking at a bead bracelet. Inspired by the elegant object, Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto created a lamp that looks just as luxurious.

When switching on the Foscarini Caboche, the light shines through the space between the transparent spheres. The jewel-like studs, in turn, scatter the light in every directions, which stylishly enhances any interior. Each sphere reflects the light differently and recreates it in the most original way, becoming a source of light itself.

The Caboche collection by Foscarini includes various lamps. In addition to the pendant lamps, there are also ceiling and wall lamps as well as table and floor lamps of different sizes and colours.