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Cheese knife

Cheese slicer and cheese knife: not just for gourmets

There are many types of cheese: the classic ones, like Gouda and butter cheese, or strong ones, like Gorgonzola. For a long time, cheese has been more than a simple topping for bread. It is eaten as a dessert at a fine dinner or as a select snack in wine bars and at tastings. For cheese lovers, cheese knives or cheese cutters are indispensable kitchen aids. Their special shapes and grindings facilitate the preparation of soft and hard cheeses. Let our selection inspire you!

Cheese knives and cheese cutters in the Wohndesign store - your advantages at a glance

Soft cheese and hard cheese knife: This is the difference

Soft cheese and hard cheese knives are very different. Soft cheese knives can be recognized in by their wave cut and large perforation. They are suitable for cutting white, red and blue cheeses. Be sure to use different knives for the types of cheese. This will prevent the cultures from mixing and reducing shelf life. Strictly speaking, the hard cheese knife is not a knife. This is because hard cheese is broken, not cut. Hard cheese knives separate pieces from the body. Cheese knives usually have a blade length of 13 to 18 centimeters.

Cheese slicer: shapely precision

Cheese slicers have the advantage of cutting cheese thinly and precisely. This is primarily due to the direct guidance of the tool and the absence of the usual lever movement of a knife. The Stelton cheese slicer looks back on a history of over 30 years. Since then, despite countless attempts to copy it, it has remained unsurpassed. With him it is possible to cut soft cheese, which is too soft and sticky for the slicer.

When it comes to cheese knives, quality is crucial

With cheese knives, in addition to aesthetics, it is important to pay attention to quality. A cheese knife should be handy and stainless. Suitable materials are steel and stainless steel. Knives that are uniformly made of one of these materials are more durable and are more hygienic. Wooden and plastic handles can harbor bacteria over time. If you want to enjoy your knife for a long time, wash it by hand. Lyes and salts in the dishwasher attack the blade and make it dull.

Tip: For cheese lovers is the three-piece Alfredo cheese knife set from Georg Jensen .

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