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Design dish towels - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Dish towels and their material
  2. Structure and pattern
  3. The right care
  4. Conclusion

1. Design dish towels and their material

The Surface Tea Towel from Juna

The more decisive element for the design of a dish towel is clearly the material. Not only does the material provide a different effect, but it also has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Dish towels made of 100 % cotton are particularly hard-wearing and suitable for everyday use. Depending on the weave, however, lint can quickly form, so they are ideal for anything that is not gently dabbed, such as pans, pots or daily dishes.
  • Models made of pure linen not only look light and natural, but are also particularly suitable for to polish fine cutlery or to wipe precious glasses. This is made possible by the long-fibre threads and the dense weave structure. Linen should not be put in the dryer, however, as it would shrink considerably there.
  • The mixture of cotton and linen combines the advantages of the previously mentioned materials and thus becomes the all-rounder in everyday life.
  • On the other hand, Microfibre has a particularly high absorbency, which makes towels made of this material particularly suitable for surfaces that need to dry quickly and without streaks. They also remove water stains and make stainless steel and chrome shine again. When washing microfibre dish towels, however, you should never use fabric softener - because this impairs the absorbency and dirt is no longer absorbed so well.

2. Structure and pattern of dish towels

Numerous patterns make it possible to find the perfect design for your own kitchen. The classics here are dish towels in plain, striped, chequered or mottled. With graphic, floral and seasonal patterns and motifs you can create a real eye-catcher. It is particularly harmonious if you use the same pattern or a recurring colour scheme as your oven gloves or potholders to create a unity.

Structure and pattern of tea towels

Large surface structures not only look good, but are also characterized by their particularly high absorbency. These models can be differentiated:

  • Terrycloth (1) is soft in the hand and crease-resistant.
  • Equally absorbent is Wafflepique (2), but it can warp after washing and should be pulled into shape when wet.
  • A designer dish towel in knit (3) is not only robust, firm and crease-resistant, but also has a special look and feel thanks to its structure.
  • Dense, even and fine structures (4) are particularly suitable for polishing cutlery and glasses.

3. The right care

S & B Tea towels from Hay

Before the first use, always wash dishtowels to remove any production residues and to guarantee optimal absorbency. Most models are washable at 60 degrees, but some are also washable at 40 degrees. It is therefore essential to follow the instructions on the label.

In general : The higher the temperature during the wash cycle, the more germs are removed.

In addition, dishtowels which are damp or wet after drying should always be hung up to dry to keep germ multiplication low.

It is also recommended that flat-woven dish towels made of natural fibres are either left to air dry smooth or ironed after drying, as they crease very strongly.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Although dishtowels primarily come into contact with clean dishes, unsightly and stubborn stains can still occur, which do not disappear completely during washing. In such cases, it is advisable to leave the dish towel to dry in the sun and use the bleaching effect instead of chemicals." - Viktoria, interior design expert

4. Conclusion - this is what you should consider when buying designer dish towels

  • Whether you're looking for dishtowels in black, dish towels in grey or a colourful model - at least as important as the choice of colour is the answer to the question of which material it should be. From pure cotton, 100 % linen, a mixture of both as well as microfibre each model has its special advantages.
  • It becomes especially stylish when you apply your dish towels in terms of colour or pattern to other elements in your kitchen, such as oven gloves and potholders.
  • Dish towels with a large surface structure have a very special effect on the one hand and are very absorbent on the other.
  • Before using them for the first time, you should always wash new dish towels first. The following applies to the temperature: The higher the temperature, the more germs are killed. But always follow the care instructions.
  • For stubborn stains you can simply leave your towel to bleach in the sun.

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