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Towels made of cotton for bathroom or gym by Marimekko

Towels: Comfort for the Home Spa

The bathroom has gained more and more spa & wellness character in recent years. Many consider it now as a kind of domestic well-being oasis. It can however quickly look cool and too sterile due to the large amount of tiles and ceramics. But you can easily prevent this from happening with specifically placed home textiles, such as a towel. Fluffy soft materials, such as towelling, conjure up quickly some cosiness in the bathroom. Fancy colours and patterns also provide the certain decorative touch. Towels in shades of lilac and cream have something noble. They can be used well in bathrooms, decorated in grey or earth tones. Finely patterned towels, however, can look exciting. Colours like green or red can give your bathroom a lively and exciting look. Take for example the popular Scholten & Baijings Collection from the manufacturer Hay. It has been supplemented with some towels. The complex design made of fine lines and simple geometric patterns is complemented by a bold colour mix. A special eye-catcher is a set of towels. Placed on a stool, the bathtub edge, or a narrow high shelf it fits into the big picture, and forms a harmonious highlight.

Towels in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

Terry Towel, Guest Towel or Bath Towel: One Towel for any Case

There are towels in various versions and sizes. Each towel type has its specific task. To dry the hands, a medium-sized specimen is suitable in most cases. When taking a shower, a larger variant is mostly of advantage. Also, bath towels are extremely absorbent. Guest towels are smaller in size. They are usually only used once before being washed again. Children’s towels make bathing a pleasure for the little ones. For example, the Hooded Towel Farm by Sebra. The terry materials play a special role. Terry towels are especially absorbent. The reason for this is that it is composed of many small, individual loops that increase the surface area of the towel and make it this way more absorbant. Towels made of microfibre, however, absorb not only large amounts of water. But they also dry very quickly. Absorbed water can be squeezed out again due to the thin fibers.

The Proper Car for Towels

In contrast to the general opinion, washing your towel or bath towel at 60 degrees is already enough to clean it hygienically. So, your towels won’t remain in a dry-stiffness after the cleaning, you can add some fabric softener to the washing. This however reduces the absorbency of towels a bit. For those who don’t like to use fabric softener, the tumble dryer offers an alternative for the towels to stay flexible. This way, they become soft, too. What you can definitely do without is hygiene laundry detergent. They are not only unnecessary but even damage your immune system in the long run. Due to its 100% sterility it will foul and therefore favor hypersensitivity.

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